How To Make an Advertising Portfolio

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An amateur copywriter looking for a job can only win the approval of a creative director through his advertising portfolio. A captivating advertising portfolio is a sure way to advertise your knowledge and skills in the field of advertising. Preparing an advertising portfolio though is not an easy task since it requires creative thinking and proper lay outing. Texts and graphics are important factors to consider. They should complement each other to get the message across to its target customer or recipient. Texts and graphics alone are not enough in advertising to impress your target customer. The presentation of your advertisement also counts in the way your customer makes a decision as to whether or not your products or services deserve a try. Below are some ways and tips on how to make an impressive advertising portfolio.

  1. Buy an elegant advertising portfolio case. A well written advertisement with an appropriate graphics to boost its appeal would not merit a nod from a creative director if it is not packaged to a simple but elegant advertising portfolio case. There are inexpensive black portfolio cases available from your local office supply store or art shops.
  2. Be ready with an extra portfolio pages. So as not to worry on running out of extra portfolio pages, purchase additional portfolio pages to accommodate your new writing samples.
  3. Include your advertising resume. Putting your advertising resume on the first page of your portfolio paves the way to reintroduce yourself and your qualification to a prospective client.
  4. Choose your best writing samples. Pick out your best written material for your portfolio. If you are a budding copywriter without any official sample to showcase, recreate an existing ad of a company but with your own style.
  5. Create divider sections. Being creative and organized is what it takes to standout as a copywriter. If you have plenty of written samples, section it according to classification and put a divider to specify each section. An example of a heading for a divider would be “Commercials”, “Print”, and “Web”, etc.
  6. Dress up your text ads. Text ads could be made as appealing as full-color ads by making them stand out. Label them using quality paper when printing them out.You may also use a decorative background paper.
  7. Organize your ads that are easily accessible. Make your portfolio material easily accessible to your client. Don’t glue it to the portfolio page or hide it behind a plastic cover.
  8. Update your advertising portfolio. Don’t hesitate to change your advertising portfolio with your brand new written material. Suit your advertising portfolio’s pages to a client or employer’s preference or specific needs.
  9. Have extra resume. Put some extra copies of your resume at the back flat of your portfolio case. Your resume at the first page of your portfolio is to showcase your competency but you need an extra to hand it over to the prospect for them to keep.

Selling your capability to prospective employers or clients would not be so difficult so long as you’re armed with the right weapon. As in your case, a well prepared advertising portfolio that would speak much about your creativity, intelligence and confidence is a sure hit.


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