How To Make and Print Business Cards for Free

When starting your own business, one of the first stationery items you will need is a business card. You would want people you meet to know your company name, your name and where they can reach you to do business. In today’s tech-ridden business world, a printed business card has not lost its place in corporate networking.

If you have a small business or are just starting out, having someone make your business cards can prove to be expensive. There is also the waiting time between ordering and receiving the cards. This is why it may be a good idea to make and print your own business cards.

You can actually use your own word processing program or graphics program to do this. These programs have business card templates but may be limited. Another option is to take advantage of the many free business card software that you can find online.

Use your search engine to find business card software. Some software is free, others can be used on a trial basis and the rest will require you to purchase a license to use the program. The free software offers limited capabilities. If you don’t need to make elaborate business cards, this may do. The 30-day trial software normally has limited functions also. Still, this is a great way of getting a feel for the software before deciding to buy it.

If you don’t want to download any software at all, you can go to websites that offer online creation of business cards. Since this is a free service, the choices for styles or templates are limited. But then again, it’s the easiest way to make and print business cards for free. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the website Businesscardland.
  2. Click on the “Create business cards” link.
  3. Choose the style you want to use by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail.
  4. Select the number of cards you want per page “Full Bleed” (8 per page) or “No Bleed” (10 per page).
  5. Next, choose one of the two card sizes:  “American” (3.5” x 2” cards commonly used in Canada, U.S, and Latin America) or “International” (85mm x 54mm cards used in Europe and other countries using ISO standard paper sizes).
  6. Click the boxes of the information you want to include on your business card then input the data.
  7. Select the two colors plus the background color of your custom business card.
  8. Click on the “Make PDF/Print” tab then choose between printing multiple (8 or 10 cards per page) or single (1 card per page).
  9. Select between having cutting guides or no cutting guides.
  10. Finally, click the "Create PDF" link.

The result is a new window open (so make sure that your browser will allow pop-up windows) with the business cards made to your specification in PDF format. Simply print and cut the cards and they will be ready for handing out.

Depending on the type of business you are in or how you want others to view your business, make your business cards memorable yet professional. Here are but a few tips in achieving this:

  • Include only pertinent information and don’t crowd the card with too much graphics, texts or color.
  • Use an easily readable font type and size.
  • Use good quality paper.
  • Use the standard shape and size for the card – no stars or triangular shaped cards.
  • And most importantly, make sure all the data is correct with no misspellings!

Take advantage of the free business card maker online to get you started. Find one now!


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