How To Make Business Cards

No matter how you decide to advertise your business or services, you should at least have a business card. These cards make you look professional but they also give the people you meet a way to contact you later. Business cards are central to any business and assist in marketing, networking and meeting new people. Business cards are low cost marketing tools that will help your business grow. Follow these instructions to make business cards at home.

  1. Get your materials together. All you need is business cardstock from any office supply store, a computer with internet connection and a color printer. The easiest way to create business cards is to use Microsoft templates so your computer should have Word 2003 or newer. If not, check your primary word processing program for available templates.
  2. Provide accurate information. These days your business card needs to list all the ways you can be contacted. This means that phone number, fax and address are not enough. You will also need a website, email address and possibly your blog, Facebook and Twitter username so contacts can find you. Technology has created a limitless number of contact options but using them all will clutter up your business card. So choose the contact method most likely to be used by your customers.
  3. Find a template. Your business cards can be made with just text using the blank templates in Microsoft Word. If this is too boring for you and you want to add some pizzazz to your business identity, head to Microsoft Office Online for a wider variety of templates including those with color images and graphics.
  4. Choose a template. Choose the template that works best for your business type. Select the template you want and download it to your computer.
  5. Update your information. Use the spaces provided in the template to add your name, business name, phone numbers, address, email and any other contact information.
  6. Adjust the design. Once you have the information entered in the template, you can make any other adjustments to the clip art, design and text font or size. If your business has a logo this is the time to load it into your document and then position it to where you want it on the card.
  7. Print then divide the cards. Once the design is ready you can print it onto the business cardstock. Most card stock is perforated so that you can quickly separate the business cards and still have the perfect size.

Business cards can be expensive for professional design but you can save major bucks by making business cards at your home or office. Gather the image and information you want then experiment with the design until you have the perfect business card to announce and advertise your business.


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