How To Make Dog Treats for Money

For pet lovers, the dog is more than just an animal. Because there are plenty of people in the country who love pets, you can actually make a business out of dog treats. Dog food is not cheap, and the better the quality of the dog food, the more expensive it becomes. Making your own dog treats, however, is not expensive and can be very profitable. Here are steps to do this.

Create marketing strategies. First, create a marketing strategy that will differentiate your dog treats from the rest. There are already a number of dog treat manufacturers. Make sure that you stand out in one aspect or another. This could be in terms of the taste of the dog treats, the health benefits, the price, or the prestige. How you create the image for your dog treats will constitute the basic marketing strategy and will make or break the success of your dog treats.

Get the necessary permits. Next, get the necessary permits for you to run the business. This is especially important if you are going to sell the dog treats to a relatively large number of people. In most cities, you will need a business permit to operate this type of business. You will also have to follow zoning protocols to determine whether you can create the dog food in your own area. In some cases, you may also be requested to provide samples of the dog food for analysis from the local health office.

Baking. Take some time to actually create the dog treat recipe. There are plenty of dog treat recipes available, but you should strive to create one that stands out. Be sure to use high quality ingredients. Keep in mind that dogs will not be able to speak against your dog treats, but they will not touch bad biscuits. If you can create treats that make dogs jump up and down because of the taste, you can be sure that the pet owners will likely come back for more. Apart from the recipe, make sure that you have techniques to preserve the dog treats, such as by modifying the ingredients or by using airtight bags to seal in the biscuits.

Selling. Once the biscuits have been baked and packaged into trendy boxes, the next step is to contact the local pet shops and groceries who will allow you to place the dog treats in their shops, or sell the treats for you. As much as possible, you should already have a few shops willing to take on your dog treats even before you bake the actual treats. Do not be limited to pet shops and your local vicinity, however. You can also use the internet to expand the market. Create your own website or your own blog where you can promote the dog treat. You can transact via online banks or PayPal, and send the dog treats through post or other delivery systems.

For pet lovers who want to make a living out of something that they enjoy, dog treats are a profitable option. These steps should help you start your own business.


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