How To Make Folder Labels

It is important to organize your files, whether in the office, in your business, or in the home. Place labels on your folders, file drawers and file boxes to minimize the time spent in looking for old files. There are several ways of putting labels on your file folders. The easiest way is to take a permanent marker and write the file’s name on the folder tab. While this is acceptable for your home files, it may not be appropriate for your work place. A more formal and organized way of labeling file folders is needed in a corporate and business setting.

In making folder labels for your office files, you will need a computer, a word processor, a printer, bond paper that is compatible with the printer, scissors, plastic folder tabs (optional) and glue or Scotch tape. For offices with a lot of files, you may color code your files for a more organized and systematic filing, so use colored paper in this case.

First, decide whether you will use plastic folder tabs. If you are, then you have no need for the glue or Scotch tape, since these folder tabs have their own adhesive. Then measure the width of paper that can fit into the plastic folder tab. The font that you will use in typing and printing the labels will depend on the size of the plastic folder tab. Open your computer’s word processor and insert a table into the text field, with two columns and several rows. Type the file labels using the appropriate font, then print out the labels. Cut the print out with scissors, following the lines of the table. Depending on the length of each label cut the plastic folder tab into the same length. Insert the paper label into the plastic folder tab, remove the adhesive strip and place the label on the folder.

If you are not going to use plastic folder tabs, use the Scotch tape to cover each cut out label, then attach the label on the folder. Use another strip of Scotch tape to secure the label on the folder. If the label is places at the edge of the folder, cover the cut out label with Scotch tape both in the front and back to make the label as sturdy as the plastic folder label. 

Be more creative in making folder labels by using different fonts. If you have a colored printer, aside from providing different colored papers, you may also use varying font colors for your print outs. You can also use card boards for your labels instead of bond paper. You can also use a sticker pad to print your labels on, so you need not use Scotch tape to attach the labels on the folders.

You can also use generic fonts and folder labels, and make use of colored folders instead. This will make it easier for you to organize your files. Also label each drawer and filing system, and list the files that each contain.


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