How To Make Free Printable Yard Sale Signs

For someone who loves to organize yard sales it is very important to announce the yard sales way in advance. Yard sale shoppers want to get yard sale dates. Yard sale sign is one of the easiest and most economical ways to announce the event to as many people as possible. But having yard sale signs printed commercially can be expensive and take out a chunk of your marketing budget. So why not print some yourself? Look at some of the tips below on how to make free printable yard sale signs.

  • Connect to the internet, open your favorite browser and make a search. Type in your key words in the search bar to look for web for sites where you can download templates for yard sales signs. Some of the yard sale sign templates are customizable where you can add the pertinent information for your yard sale as well as change the colors of the text and the background before you print it. There are some websites that offer colorful templates that you can download for free.
  • Visit the website of Pull Sign. This website offers a variety of yard sale signs that you can customize. The navigation panel on the left will guide you on what to do after you have selected the option to make yard sale signs. You can change the color of the text, add your information and change the background color. You can include right and left arrows to the design. You can print one and then have it duplicated.
  • Take a look at the free printable yard sale signs at Be Tidy website. You can click each icon to view a larger version. You will not be able to edit the templates online but you can download them. Just click on any of the signs and view the largest version. Right-click the design with your mouse and save the image to your computer. You can print them later and hand print the information on the space provided. You can also open your PowerPoint application, have a blank page ready and copy and paste the image there. You can then add a text box to include the address and date for the yard sale.
  • Print Free also has a printable yard sale sign in bold letters. You can download the template and add the information later. You can also download several templates from the Paper Print Out website. There are four free designs each with a full template and two with left and right arrows included.
  • If you want to design your own and you do not have design software installed on your computer you can also easily make yard sale signs in Word. Open the application and change the page setup to landscape and the least margin allowable. You can either use the center alignment for your text or use the drawing tools included in the program. Clicking Insert > Text Box and dragging your mouse over the page will place a text box where you can type your yard sale information, change the font colors and size. You can even insert images if you wish.

So you see, with some research and checking the application you already have installed on your computer, you will be able to design and print yard sale signs like a pro, and best of all, for free.


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