How To Make Kinkos Posters

In spite of the many forms of advertising available today, posters are still one of the cheapest and most convenient advertisements that you can create, especially if you do not have an advertising team behind you. Posters are also excellent decorations for your room or the house. If you have a poster idea that you want to print, send them to Kinko’s.

Poster size. The first step to making Kinko’s posters is to determine the size of the paper that you will use. There are three general sizes that you can use for creating posters at Kinko’s. These are the 36 by 48, 24 by 36, and the 18 by 24 inch sizes. These sizes are standard and will usually suffice for most basic poster needs. When you create the poster, make sure that these sizes are used for the actual poster image, to ensure that the design is tailored for the print. If you are using the larger formats, make sure that the resolution is high enough to print the details in your image.

Design. Once you have chosen your paper size, the next step is to create the image. There are several options when creating the image. First, you can download premade posters and edit these using image editing software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. If there are no poster designs that you want, you can also create your image from scratch using these software applications. When creating posters, make sure that you pay careful attention to the theme, pattern, typography, and colors used in the design. Make sure that you do not oversaturate the image with too much text and too many graphic elements.

Technical. Apart from the design, you should also pay attention to the technical aspects of the image. For instance, the image should be converted to a CMYK color scheme before printing. CMYK refers to cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink, which most printers use. You can convert the colors using Adobe Photoshop. If you want to eliminate the borders in the poster, use the bleed option in InDesign. Using the bleed option also means that you will need to add an additional ¼ inch to the image border, which Kinko’s will cut off.

Saving. Once the image has been made, the next step is to save these in the TIFF or the PDF file format. The primary advantage with saving images in these file formats is that the fonts and other graphic elements that you use will be saved along with the file. Otherwise, fonts which are not present in Kinko’s computers will be substituted with other related fonts which may not approximate the types of fonts that you use for your poster.  Burn the file in a CD afterwards, and save a copy in your computer for future use.

Printing. You can mail the CD to Kinko’s, or you can visit the local FedEx office where Kinko’s is based. The company will print the posters for you.

After the printing period, pick up the poster from Kinko’s and hang these in your shop window display, or place around the house as decoration.


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