How To Make Money From Copper Scrap Recycling

Scrap copper

Chances are if you’ve driven around lately someone around your neighborhood has had a pile of junk or scrap metal sitting on the side of the road for county trash pickup, but did you know that not only could they possibly be throwing away extra money, but you could also be passing it up as well? The most prized and sought after scrap metal is copper scrap metal. So how do you make money from copper scrap metal, by recycling of course!

Lots of people pass up the opportunity on a daily basis to make money from copper scrap, thinking that it’s not worth the time or effort, but in reality you can accumulate copper and other scrap metals quickly if you just open your eyes and look around. There are two types of copper scrap metal you can make money from, number one copper and number two copper. Number one copper is any type of wiring, i.e. wire from buildings, electronics, and so on. Number two copper is tubing for things such as water and propane gas lines.

If you want to make money from recycling copper or any type of scrap metal, you can look to see what your neighbors have set aside for trash pickup, or better yet post your name in the local newspaper or on a local website, and offer your services to haul unwanted “junk” off of someone else’s property. This is a great way to get your name out there so you can accumulate copper scrap metal quickly and make money from it.

After you have gotten enough copper scrap metal together, you need to find a local recycling center to take you scrap metal to. Your best bet for doing this is to either ask around, or look in the yellow page section of your phone book. Before going to your recycling center, if you want top dollar for your number one copper scrap metal it needs to be stripped of its insulation. You can accomplish this by using a hooked razor blade. If stripping is not removed this is considered unclean copper scrap metal, and you can lose up to 25 cents a pound, this can add up to be a lot of money if you’re recycling a lot copper.

You can make a good bit of money recycling copper scrap metal, but remember prices rise and fall. What you get for the price of copper one month might not be the same the next. You make more money from number one copper scrap metal than number two. Always call your local recycling center before your trip to know how much money you will make from recycling your copper scrap metal and you aren't surprised. 


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