How To Make Money from Your Website

Looking for job opportunities? Would you like a part-time or full-time job? How about ones with a flexible schedule? How about that job that you can do on the side to earn a little more without too much hassle?

The Internet has made a lot of new job opportunities making it possible to earn money. There are a myriad of ways to earn and using your website is one of them. Here are some opportunities where you can make money from your website:

  • Pay per impression (CPM). CPM means Cost per Mille or cost for every 1,000 impressions. You earn depending on the number of times your site with a posted ad or online poll is accessed. Examples are Burst Media and
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC). As the name implies you get paid based on the number of times an ad posted on your website is clicked. There are two types of rates given namely: flat-rate which is a constant rate given for every click, or bid-based where the rate received will depend on the winning bid from an online auction done by competing advertisers. An example of a source you can sign up for pay per click advertising would be Google Adsense.
  • Pay per sale or lead. This is similar with the two schemes above but with a more straightforward mechanism. You simply get a commission when a product or service is purchased through the ad you have allowed to be posted on your site.
  • Pop-up ads.  This is similar to pay per impression with the difference being the use of pop-up pages to show different ads for a given rate. This scheme has proven to be irritating though for casual visitors. This is why most web browsers now offer pop-up blockers to prevent any distracting pop-ups to interfere with web browsing.
  • Selling your own products or services using your website. One of the more direct means to use your website is to advertise your own products or services. Post pictures of your product (e.g. Ebooks, clothes, toys) or details of the service (e.g. online training, consultancy services) you are offering as well as the rates or promos that you may include to generate more sales. It can be noted that the same approach has also been done by some users of social networking sites like Multiply where personal users post product images and contact numbers for easy access and convenient marketing.
  • Affiliate program. This is a marketing scheme wherein you give other people a chance to market their products or services on your website. You earn a commission for every product or service purchased. An example of such sites that offer affiliate programs is Link share.
  • Donations. Some sites that offer free content from PowerPoint slideshow templates, to translated comic book content usually opt for this approach since they cannot use most of their products for profit. Instead an account is prepared where one can donate as a means of gratitude for the content offered for free.
  • In text advertising. Usually seen in a site that have selected key words in their content highlighted with a double underline. Once the mouse cursor moves on top a highlighted key word a window with the given ad is shown. You earn for each time the ad is clicked and accessed.
  • Newsletter subscription. A common approach for themed sites like sports sites and media sites. A newsletter showing different articles related to the theme of the site. The content is usually hyped to be more in-depth with exclusive features for subscribers only with a recurring fee may it be for a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Access to premium content. Another approach by themed (e.g. sports websites) and technical websites (e.g. websites that offering exclusive cliparts), and even online forums (e.g. vBulletin). Usually coined through a subscription or membership, a person who has subscribed to the premium content of the website will have complete access to parts and content from the site that is dedicated for exclusive members. These exclusive sections of the website and other downloadable items are coined as “premium content” which usually comprise of downloadable themes, Podcasts, Webcasts, videos, audio files, pictures, software, and even exclusive insider news for some websites. An example of such a site would be which features premium content for a recurring subscription fee.

These are most of the most common means of earning money using your website. More and more means to earn money through the web are being developed daily and more are sure to come, offering you a source of income whether you are struggling to make ends meet or your saving up for your next vacation.


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