How To Make Money Gold Panning in the U.S

Imagine yourself baking under the hot, sweltering heat, slickly oiled with orange-smelling SPF 50 Bain de Soleil lotion, straw hat in place, aviator glasses perched on your button nose, and in a bikini!

Looks like a marvelous vacation in Hawaii! Nope, you’re nowhere near the salty smell of the glorious ocean with a Piña Colada to cool you down.

You’re doing something that all Gold Diggers love to do! You’re panning for Gold!

The United States, at 3.79 million square miles, is blessed with verdant natural resources and minerals including Gold. Gold is a valued commodity that sells for up to $1000 an ounce, so it’s no wonder why in today’s recession-steeped economy people are sort of going back to basics and finding more creative ways of earning money. Think of it as an adventure similar to the exhilarating California Gold Rush of 1894. If you ditch your bikini, wear Dungarees to make it more old-world western and authentic! Well, whatever… Just make it fun!

How can you make money out of gold panning?

  1. Location plays a crucial role to your search for Gold. In the United States, the top 10 places for gold panning are: California where it all began, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, Arizona, Montana, and New Mexico. Just do your research and go in-depth about where exactly in these states you’ll be able to find the most gold deposits so you can save time and money.
  2. Once you get to the location of your choice, make sure to find an area that is safe for you to start your search. This should be a clear stream or a crevice that is recommended and certified for this type of activity.
  3. Make yourself comfortable by unpacking your essentials where you can easily reach it. This should include water, first-aid kit, food, flashlight, fresh clothes to change into if you get wet or drenched in sweat, and so on and so forth.
  4. Begin panning for gold. Take out your gold panning pan or gold detector and start to sweep the area. Expect to get water and sediment or silt on your pan so simply slosh the water around the pan to get the sediment or silt to the surface then gently pour this out along with the water in your pan. Do not worry about accidentally pouring out your gold nuggets. Gold is heavy and will sink directly into the bottom of your pan once harvested.
  5. Once you’re done panning and have collected a sizable find, transfer these into a clean and dry container. You can also use a velvet-lined pouch if you prefer.
  6. Next, you can go to an appraiser and have your gold appraised by an assayer for its value and purity. This is measured in karat and will determine how much you can sell it for.
  7. Go online and look up how much gold fetches on the market. The amount or buying price changes daily so you have to keep abreast of the trend.
  8. Lastly, deal with a fair and reputable gold dealer who can give you a fair price on your gold. If you’d feel more comfortable doing this on your own, you can go to Amazon Marketplace or EBay to put it up for sale.

The last thing you want to deal with when selling Gold is getting stiffed out of a fair price so stay away from pawnshops and jewelry stores. These establishments will only burst your business bubble.
By the way, you won’t need much equipment for gold panning but be sure you have a map, gravity trap panning pans, or gold hunting detectors for maximum results.


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