How To Make Money off a Personal Blog

You’ve been maintaining a blog for a couple of years now and despite the rush you get from watching your hit count soar, you might be considering how to take advantage of your site’s popularity and make some money off your blog. 

Here’s how you can make money off your personal blog.

  1. You will need a blog, time, and patience. Do not expect to get rich right away; earning money from your personal blog won’t happen overnight. It will take six months for a few pennies to start trickling in, and years before you can get a substantial amount of income from it.  While some blogs report earning $40,000, this won’t be happening to you unless you get a million visitors to your site a day.  So don’t expect to quit your day job any time soon! Just view your blog as a way to earn extra income for little things you’d like to get for yourself.
  2. Create a niche blog, or a blog that caters specifically to a certain market or interest group. Blogs that make money are those that talk about specific interests, because there’s a steady stream of traffic that are directed towards these blog. Choose a niche that you are passionate about so it’s easier for you to maintain the blog.  Do you enjoy shopping and checking out the latest clothes from the catwalks? Why not start a shopping or style blog and give tips to people?  Do you find yourself tuning out to celebrity news and gossip when you get home from work? Be an internet gossip columnist and blog about the latest Hollywood scandals!
  3. The best moneymaking method for blogs is to sell advertising. Now that you’ve figured out what your blog’s niche is, you can now include relevant ads in your blog. A Google service called AdSense is your best bet.  When you sign up for Adsense and put the code onto your blog, it automatically detects your content and puts relevant advertisements on your site. You get paid a small amount if a reader clicks on the link.  The amount of money you will get per month depends on your blog’s traffic. Do not start clicking on all the links yourself, however; Google has a way of detecting cheaters and will ban you from using AdSense if you try to cheat your way into a higher income.
  4. The downside to AdSense is that you can’t choose who advertises or how much you get paid.  There is another service called Blog Ads that allow you to choose your advertisers and your rates. This gives you more control, but there’s a risk that you might make poor choices about advertisers and rates. If you set your rates too high or are too picky about your advertisers, you won’t make any money at all.
  5. Once you’ve had a couple more entries and a steady stream of visitors, you can ask companies to let you do paid reviews of products relevant to your blog.



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There are a number of ways to make money on a personal blog, possibly the easiest of which is to write sponsored posts. Several companies (blogsvertise, blogitive, etc.) pay predetermined, per-post amounts to bloggers who are willing to write reviews or other posts that include links to sponsor pages. I, along with a number of my friends, make a small but consistent income writing these posts on our blogs.

By Elizabeth Grace