How To Make Money on eBay with Thrift Shop Treasures

Making money on eBay with thrift shop finds is not hard to do. Here are some useful tips you can employ to start making a profit while satisfying your thrill for hunting anything and everything at thrift shops.

Know where to find thrift shops.
Charitable institutions typically set up thrift shops. Since this is the case, then it will be worthwhile to check with various charitable institutions in and around your area.

Know which items sell fast on eBay.
Observe which previously-owned items typically fetch top dollars on eBay and make a list of them. Signature apparels, antiques, funky house wares, hard-to-find books, and original art pieces are just some of the more commonly searched for items on eBay. Hobby items such as action figures and toy model kits are also a popular choice among eBay regulars.

Head out to the thrift shops with list in hand.
Once you've come up with your list, then it's time to start hunting for prized items at thrift shops. 

Treat the personnel nicely.

As was said, thrift shops are associated with charities. So it is not unlikely that the personnel are volunteers of said institutions. But whether you are dealing with employees or volunteers, it pays to be extra nice to them. You will find that they will happily usher you to the latest merchandise even without you asking. The chances of getting discounts is highly likely as well.

Sift through your chosen thrift shop finds.
Now that you have a basket full of thrift shop finds, then it's time to assess if they are actually worth selling on eBay. Fragile items such as porcelain may fetch top dollars but shipping them to the buyer may not be a good idea. Signature apparels may get competitive bids but may turn your buyer off if they smell of molds or moth balls. Simply put, you would not want dissatisfied buyers who could easily ruin your online selling reputation. So always sift through your chosen items and thrust aside anything that is damaged, chipped, or simply difficult or too fragile to ship.

Now, all you need to do is to organize your eBay store to properly feature all of your thrift shop finds. Successful eBay entrepreneurs know their products won't sell if these are not showcased well. This is where proper categorizing of your thrift shop finds come in. Too often a prized item gets unnoticed simply because it was put in a wrong category. Aside from observing proper product categorization, it would also be a good idea to attach photographs and item descriptions to each.


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