How To Make Money Online Selling Nothing

Finding yourself sitting in front of your computer for hours can be a very tiring and boring routine, especially when all you do is surf, chat or read emails from your long lost friends. What can really be exciting is doing things online while getting paid for it. Or in other words, making money online while selling NOTHING. These days, people don’t actually need to sell stuff to earn profit.

It boils down to selling intangibles, like services. It’s not something you can ship to a buyer, but it’s something you do. Online companies today outsource their work to writers or people who write well. Some companies even source out some research work, administrative assistance, and other services that can be done at the comfort of your own computer desk.

So if you feel that chatting with your friends for hours, surfing the net, reading emails or answering surveys keeps you going the whole weekend, then why not apply for a job online and start making money.

One of the more popular ways of earning money online is freelance writing. Choose your desired writing site or freelancing network where you want to apply. There are a lot, and you just have to be patient in getting in touch with clients or companies that are reputable. Make sure that these companies will pay you, because there are some online services that do not pay at all, and they justify that by saying that your work does not measure up to their standards (but use your content anyway).

Know their policies, and if you are willing to comply with them, then submit your resume. Most of the companies also require you to submit at least three completed sample works that allow them a glimpse of how well you write. So, be sure that you submit your best prior works to them, so that you can hope to get a positive nod. If you are asked to submit new articles, then these are most likely to be unpaid.

After you have submitted all requirements, the company or client might wish to talk to you for a short interview over the phone. This gives you a first-hand look at how these people work, as well as their standards in the writing of articles. You might need to brush up on some of the methods of citation and other writing standards, which might be brought up during the interview. You should also have a strong opinion on plagiarism, as most content development companies have a zero tolerance for plagiarism.

You might be given a written exam, which entails writing quality papers or essays within a time limit given to you. Once this is done, you will have to wait a few days for the writing company to inform you via email if you passed the examination and they are ready to make you a part of their pool of writers. For payment, you usually have to share your bank account details or PayPal address so they can pay you for your work.

You will find writing online to be a very profitable online business without even selling anything except the articles you churn out for your employers. You just have to maintain the quality of your articles so that you don’t get the boot out of their writing site.


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