How To Make Money Selling Catalytic Converters

Are you thinking of a great scheme to earn money?  Did you consider selling recycled and salvaged materials?  That’s certainly an easy way to get cold cash.  One of old parts that you can offer to sell is a catalytic converter.  It is primarily used in reducing pollutants and emissions created by a combustion engine.  Here are your guidelines:

  • Learn more about catalytic converters.  You can easily do this by visiting eBay.  Search or look for “scrap catalytic converter.’  See the listings of those that are offered for sale.  Compare and contrast the older models vis-à-vis the newer ones.  By resorting to this, you get to understand catalytic converters better.  Aside from that, you also figure out the selling price ranges.

    You can access the selling price of a catalytic convertor that has been previously sold on eBay by clicking the search option (advanced) and by checking the box that reads “Completed.”  That should allow you to see the latest auction lists.  Study the listings and figure out how you can repackage or resell your catalytic converters, especially in firming up your price points.

  • Get in touch with auto mechanics in your area.  Prioritize contacting the first five within a mile radius between your home and your office.  Ask who among them are willing to sell the catalytic convertors culled from the cars of their customers.  Also inquire when those catalytic converters are coming from.  Set aside money so you can bargain and by the catalytic converters at a very good price.  Then, strategize by buying from the mechanic who can give your more catalytic converters for your business.
  • Study your price points.  The price range for catalytic converters adjusts proportionately with the price range for metals.  So, set your buying price in relation to your projected profit.  You may even pay a bit more in the beginning because you need to store your starting inventory.  Eventually, when you are more familiar with the basic business process, you can peg better and improve your earning potential.
  • Build your contacts.  Look around for salvage yards.  Find out if some of them are willing to pay for some scrap.  If there aren’t any in your community, you can surf the internet.  You can also call some of your family, friends, and colleagues.  Try to get recommendations from them.  Your goal is to create a good mix of contacts.  You have to prioritize establishing business relationships with those who are willing to pay for large lots.  They are definitely more reliable.  Of course, you have to reach out to those who only need a piece or two but still able to order consistently or regularly over a period of time.

Building your business is simpler, easier, and more efficient if you can register its business name and if you can obtain its corresponding tax identification from the government bureau in your area.  Buyers and contacts are going to feel comfortable dealing and repeating business with you.  They know that they can trust you since you operate legally and according to the books.  That’s an advantage that can help you a lot, especially in boosting your business potentials.


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