How To Make Money Selling Used Records

You would think that old records are of no use today.  You may not realize it but these vintage audios are very much like antiques.  Since most of them are not available anymore in your local music stores, you would know that you are in for some serious money.  So if you have a bunch of used records lying around the corners of your house, why don’t you compile them and start making money from them?  Here are some great tips on how to do it.

  1. Collect all your old used records that you can find in your home.  Make an inventory list and determine the value of each record that you have.  You can easily do this by browsing online.  Just search for premium records and value guide online and several results will surely come up.  Take note of the value for each album and base your retail price from there.
  2. Next step is for you to register at eBay.  There are a lot of collectors and avid music fans alike that are willing to buy old used records.  Since products are auctioned here, you can get a fairly decent price for all of your offered merchandises, sometimes even more than what you expect!  When you have sold at least 10 items in 3 months, you become eligible to open an eBay store.  It is basically your own virtual place where you can show and easily auction your products while you hold the logo of eBay.
  3. It is very important that you create a PayPal account for sending and receiving payments.  This is the easiest and fastest way to receive payments online.  Just make sure you fill up all information that is needed.
  4. It is highly recommended to create your own website to sell your records.  It is an effective way to promote yourself and your products.  You will be required to pay a monthly fee for web hosting.
  5. It would be very helpful too if you contact your local music stores or any establishments that offer used goods.  Inquire if they are willing to accept used records.  As soon as they obliged, be very specific about your terms and conditions.
  6. It is a great idea if you post ads online through Buy and Sell or any similar sites.  You can use networking sites too like Facebook or Myspace to further market your records.  It is important that you take pictures of the albums and post them together with your ad to attract more customers.

It is very easy to make profit from selling these exquisite albums from long ago.  The more extinct the records are, the more valuable they become.  It would be a great idea too if you start selling them to your loved ones and friends.  Just make sure your records still work or else, all your efforts will be futile.  With the right attitude and tools, you will soon be earning enough money without even investing on anything.   


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