How To Make Money with a Website

Who knew that the World Wide Web could be one of the most lucrative fields for business? More and more people are now realizing profits through the Internet, by creating websites. You can, too, if you know how. You must have creativity and patience, because you will not be bringing home the bacon right away.

  1. Create an interesting website, to generate a lot of reader traffic. You must encourage people to go to your website, and more importantly, RETURN to it. That won't happen if your website is boring to look at.  Add color and style to it. Ask your audience to bookmark your site or post links to it on their own site. You can even post a widget that will allow your readers to subscribe to your website.
  2. Constantly update your website content, and make sure it's surf-worthy. People expect to read something relevant, informative and useful, so make sure your website has this kind of content.
  3. Blog about your site. You can create a Blogger account and mention your website in it once in a while. Make your blog interesting as well, so people will come back to it regularly.
  4. Write articles that contain links to your website. There are a lot of sites on the Internet now which allow you to post articles you've written. You can post a link to your site after the article.
  5. Create inbound links that would direct readers to your website. Use networking sites like Multiply, Facebook, and MySpace and post links to your website. There are also various bookmarking sites out there, such as, Digg and Faves, among others, which you can use. Create your own account and then post your website URL there. That way, every time another account owner searches for bookmarks, your link might possibly show up.
  6. Allot space in your website for advertisements. Right now, Google AdSense is the most common tool used for this. Website owners get the HTML code for this and post it on their website. Google will then run ads in your website which are related to the content of your website, and every time someone clicks on these ads, you get a certain amount of money.
  7. Be an affiliate marketer. This means that you put a widget on your website about someone who is offering a particular kind of service or is selling a product. Then, encourage your readers to click on that ad post, and every time someone buys the product or avails of the service, and he is traced back to your website, you earn. This assumes, of course, that your website enjoys a lot of traffic.

    If you have your own product, then by all means, use your website to market and sell it. You'd be surprised at the responses you will get. You must however, also provide shipping services for your product, in case someone purchases it.

  8. Another way to make money with your website is to sell it. Some people actually make a business out of creating websites and then selling them afterwards. Of course, you must know how to make creative and user-friendly websites. There's also the matter of looking for a customer who likes the particular kind of website which you created. It would help if you have already found a potential customer before you create the website, so you'll know what he wants.


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