How To Make Money Without Working

There are several ways to make money without working.

One way to make money is to look around inside your home and find things that you have not used for a while, or have never used, that are in good condition.

  1. After you have decided what to sell, take a notepad and write the list down.
  2. Then, write brief descriptions for each one, such as brand names, dimensions, color, and other things that describe the item. List most items in swap and sell books, or online (or whatever is available for your area).
  3. I do use Craigslist, but have learned to wean out the scammers and how to write the ads.
  4. Be specific about how you will deal with transactions, such as payment of item(s). I state, nicely, in my ad(s) things like “sorry, I will not accept any form of electronic payments. I will only accept cash, postal money orders or local checks (with verification)". I use a cell phone number instead of my home phone number for my ad(s). 
  5. When it is time for someone to purchase or see the item that is for sale, try to meet the buyer in a busy, public place, and make sure that you know who this person is (where they live, full name, their phone number, etc). If you choose to have them come to your home to purchase the item, make sure that you are not the only person there. I keep my dog right with me, as well as having other people there. If it is an item that someone may want to try out, requiring electricity, offer the outside outlet, weather permitting, and keep the transaction outside, in the driveway. Always be safe when dealing with strangers. 
  6. When you write ads, make sure to include as many details as possible, especially for computers being sold. When it comes to selling computers or computer parts, always state in ad(s) that these are being sold as is, for parts and/or repair, and you do not guarantee how long they will run.
  7. Listings with pictures added to them have a better chance of selling the item(s) than ones without pictures. A small digital camera can be purchased, nearly anywhere, for approximately twenty dollars or less for this purpose.
  8. Other ways to sell your items are to have yard sales, or go to flea markets and rent one table. Of course, with yard sales or flea markets, you will need to keep your prices lower, as people that attend these activities are looking for lower priced items.

Another way to make money without working is to join some PTC (paid to click) sites, such as hitlion. There are several sites like this, but you want to read about each one and then decide if it is best for you. Once you join, you can delete your account with them if you do not like their site. The ones I like the best, as with most people’s desires, are the ones that have the lowest minimum payout option, for example, one site that I am on says that I can request payment when my account total reaches fifteen dollars. These sites are usually free to join, and are the best ones to choose. Nobody wants to pay someone to make money and you shouldn’t need to do that. Most of the PTC sites offer free advertising for any web sites that you may have, and you can earn money on their sites as well. On these sites, you will surf (view web pages--other people’s web sites that they are advertising) to earn credits that pay for you to advertise your own web sites, and while you surf, some pages have money hidden on them, in which you will click on Report and follow the other directions on that winning page to claim your prize. Any time that you have a question about anything, you can send a message to the site owner and they will help you. Granted, the prizes are not often more than a few cents, but these will add up, and some sites offer lotteries every week, and you can use your credits to purchase lottery tickets, or win some while surfing. Every penny will add up, and you can make money and have fun doing it. These sites have other contests, too. Most of the PTC sites will pay you for referring others to their site, and may pay a percentage from the referrals activities.

Another way to make money without working is to write and earn. There are several sites where you can do this. One is Each writing site is different; guidelines for writing and payment policies may differ from site to site. Some writing sites will pay you by check; some will pay you with PayPal. There are a variety of ways that each writing site allows you to write for them to make money. You can search for sites online by typing search titles such as write and earn, make money writing, etc, and check out each site. Read all about the site, how they work, how they will want you to write, how they pay, and so on. Then, you can decide which site is best for you.

Sometimes we get writer's block and need a boost, so sites that tell you exactly what to write about are great for those days. Other write to make money sites let you write about whatever you want to. Check out the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) on sites. This will give you a lot of good information, and if you do not find the answer you need, you can contact most of these sites and they will help you.

Another way to make money without working is to be a blogger. I call blogs diaries, social visiting, debates, etc. You can write about anything that you want to. The key to making money with blogs is Google ad sense. For the ones that I do, it is Google that I use, but there are several places to make money blogging, too. The Internet is full of articles that tell people how to make money blogging by using Google ad sense. If you do find articles, I recommend rating them and commenting on them, as the people that wrote these articles are probably trying to make money, too, and you will be helping them, and then you can sign up for that site and write and make money, too.

There are a lot of other ways to make money without working. I mentioned some of my favorite ones in this article.


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