How To Make More Money Selling Hair Bows

Kids wearing hair bows

Hair bows have been around for decades. The style and design may have changed but a hair bow is one of those hair accessories that is a perpetual favorite. It changes with the season and adapts to trends so it never goes out of fashion. Who can resist those cute little things that can add color, vibrancy, style and a sense of playfulness especially when worn by cute little babies? Even pre-adolescent girls look beautiful and trendy with hair bows, no matter how long they wear their hair. Mommies with baby girls are often attracted to these types of hair accessories and cannot resist buying and putting them on their baby's hair even if the hair is still too short to hold the hair bows properly.

So many people have made a big business out of creating hair bows and other hair accessories, as these are always a big seller. It does not take that much to make them and raw materials are readily available.

As you are already making and selling hair bows, here are tips to help you earn more.

  1. Stay updated on trends and fashion styles and make new designs quickly. Buyers are always looking for new designs. You can see them on TV, especially on young female celebrities. Browse the shops and look for new designs at the mall, local craft stores, magazines, and on the Internet.
  2. Plan ahead and make small batches of hair bows for seasonal sales like Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. Stack up on materials and be ready to make additional batches if demand is high.
  3. Create unique designs to set yours apart from the rest of hair bows that are already in the market. Make designs for various themes like parties, cheerleading, preppy look, etc. Choose a variety of ribbons, textures, and additional embellishments like buttons, pearls, beads and maybe feathers. You can also try creating interchangeable hair bows that can easily be attached to clips or headbands.
  4. Make your hair bows sturdy. Little hands can be clumsy at times and there is nothing like poor workmanship to ruin your business. When little girls throw tantrums, hair accessories are the first targets to be pulled off and thrown. It will be a good service for moms if the hair bows can still be used after a tantrum bout.
  5. Price your hair bows reasonably. Those hair bows sold in online auctions can be overpriced. Sell them in pairs or in a set of two hair clips, a headband and two ponytail scrunchies.
  6. Take good pictures of your designs, and post them in social networking sites dedicated to arts and crafts and online business. Join their forum and add a small advertising spiel under your name, together with your contact information wherever it is allowed.
  7. Write a short how-to instruction to make one of your best-sellers, complete with step-by-step picture and post it in your website or your blog. This lets people recognize you as an authority and a generous one in sharing business and creative ideas. Always add your advertising and marketing spiel as well as contact information together with your instructional material.
  8. Network in your local community, your kids’ school and PTA, church groups, arts and crafts group and let them know that you make and sell hair bows and offer your services. Have some product fliers ready that you can post in community bulletin boards, school bulletin boards, local stores and the like. Let people know that you also do customized hair bows for special occasions.
  9. Join flea markets, craft shows and other fund-raising events in your area. Contact local stores, hair salons, and crafting shops that may be willing to sell your hair bows on consignment.

Do some self-advertising. Have your little girls wear your latest and prettiest creation. And hey, hair bows are not only for cute little girls and babies. You can also make a variation of the design for mommies, too. Some moms like the idea of wearing accessories that pair up with the ones their kids are wearing. Who says you are too old to wear a hair bow? It is how you wear it that counts.


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