How To Make Personalized Pens for Giveaways

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A pen can be made for personal use, a marketing medium to promote a company or business or as a simple giveaway. Personalized pens are a great way to promote your company to people. To create your own personalized pens for giveaways, there are some tips to remember.

  1. The first step is to create a company logo with a one liner sentence of the business. This logo should represent your company so be sure to make it unique and original. It can be from the company's motto but make it brief. Create something that will catch people's attention. It should be as brief as possible.
  2. Create your logo. The company logo should not be too complex or detailed. Too much detail or graphics might cost you a lot. Remember, most personalized pens are made of plastic. Imagine you engraved all those details in the plastic. It might take a lot of effort to do it. Another tip is to just put the company's name and its one liner message and you're done.
  3. Choose a good color for your pen ink. The most advisable color is black because it is the most commonly used. But the color you use will depend on the people who you are going to give your personalized pens to. Colored pens are good for kids and teenagers.
  4. Create a personalized pen that has a stand out color. It should be a pen that creates a big impression to the receiver. The latest trend for custom printed manufactures is two toned colors for business logo pens. You can also have it more personalized by using the colors of the company. It may cause a little more but it will do the trick to make your personalized pen stand out.
  5. After creating your logo and one liner, you are now ready to search for the manufacturer that will make your personalized pens. You can scout by calling each product manufactures that you know and ask what your options are. You can also check out any local stores in your area. Be sure to ask if they offer any promos. You can also ask for discounts, especially if you need to purchase these items in bulk.
  6. Choose the right pen. Your pen should write and have an effective ball point. People usually use their own pen whether they are signing papers or just writing something. Your personalized pen should be reliable and trustworthy. A pen that does not write can create a bad image to you and your company. You can also choose branded pens for your company like Bic or Papermate.

Personalized pens are very usable and practical items to give to people. It can also be a great giveaway in occasions like weddings or company blessings. Be sure to create a personalized pen that will help your company and yourself be notable to your clients and future business partners.


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