How To Make Pocket Folders

The right pocket folder can present your business materials in a way that shouts, "I'm creative! I'm fun! I will take care of my customer!" And they don't have to be slick, mass-produced (unless you need a thousand!) or expensive. You can easily make pocket folders that your recipients won't throw away.


  • Purchase heavy duty, plain, pocket folders. Make sure they are acid-free/archival to prevent the contents from deteriorating over the years from contact with the folder. Your recipient may want to save and reuse this special presentation pocket folder for special photographs, certificates or letters.
  • Acid-free glue. Buy a glue that will not harden and separate over the years. Scrapbook stores will have appropriate glue.
  • You may prefer to use a full-page sticker so that you can print your designs from your computer to the sticker.
  • Do an Internet search for "pocket folder templates." Many printing and paper web sites provide templates that you can download. Some provide other formats that can be imported right into your page layout or image editing software.
  • Art and designed papers. You might use gift-wrap, old greeting cards (or pieces of them), photographs, beads, wire, natural objects, postcards, drawings, etc. Scrapbook paper is acid-free and the designs are unlimited.
  • If you want your pocket folder to be especially sturdy and long-lasting, you might cover the paper or the completed folder with clear adhesive vinyl.
  • You can also use fabric to cover your folders.


  1. Cut your paper by laying it atop your template. Mark the folds carefully.
  2. Lay your pocket folder out flat. Remember that the front is on your right.
  3. If you are covering the entire folder with paper, apply glue to the entire surface.
  4. Glue everything down firmly. Allow for overlap if you want the decorated papers to completely cover the pocket folder.
  5. Leave a little "give" in the center to allow for folding. You marked the locations using your template, remember?
  6. Smooth out all air bubbles.
  7. Flip your pocket folder over and fold over the edges.
  8. Use scissors to cut a diagonal slit in the corners, before neatly folding and gluing.
  9. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  10. Cover with clear vinyl if desired.
  11. Fill with your materials and present. 

A nice ribbon tied in a bow around the pocket folder holds it together and makes it more special than it already is. And it already is very special, because you made this one-of-a-kind pocket folder yourself!


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