How To Make Sure You Get a Raise

With any employment you acquire in life, the number one incentive to maintaining and excelling in your position is to be the best you can be at your job. Giving 100% of your time, energy and dedication, and having a thorough knowledge of the company you are working for and its corporate structure are mandatory to your success!

If you haven't already done so, get on a computer and find out everything you can about the company you work for. How large is your company? Is it international? What is your company's history and who started it? Is it listed on the stock market? What is your company's main product or service it provides and how good is your company doing in the business sector?

You provide an important service to your company, and they pay you for that service. Be sure you give your company it's money's worth when you perform your job. Always make sure that you are an asset to your company and you are contributing to your employers worth and value. You can make sure you get a raise by following some of these simple guide lines.

Always show up on time and most importantly, show up a few minutes early so you can clock in when you're expected to. Be ready to give a full 8 hours of work by being at your work area and ready to start work on time. Don't call off work unless you really have to! If you're not a reliable employee and you can't be depended on to do your job everyday, you won't get the raise in pay you'd like.

Don't talk about your co-workers or supervisors or about anyone in a negative manner. Be positive and if you don't have anything good to say, it's better to remain silent. Don't complain about your job or the wage you are making. You knew the starting wage when you accepted the position. Be happy for others who get promoted and get raises! It's just a matter of time until you get yours if you keep a good positive attitude and do a great job.

Never take company supplies such as pens, paper, erasers or paper clips. These supplies cost the company money and it's actually stealing when you take them. Don't spend your time on the internet or cell phone with personal matters on company time. Always be honest and trustworthy. Take educational courses to keep updated on the job you perform. Make yourself available to your company for special meetings and go the extra mile when needed. Take care of yourself and keep yourself clean and presentable.

Work well with others and listen to what others have to say. A little respect goes a long way in the business world toward getting that raise you want and deserve!


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