How To Make Your Brochures More Interesting

Brochures are meant to drumbeat your product or your service. You invest good money on them so you could further build your business and develop your client base. So, if your brochures are ordinary, dull, and tedious, they are literally useless and you might as well stop making them.

Now, if you are up for a challenge, you may want to consider the following pointers. They would undoubtedly make your brochures more attention-grabbing and poles apart from the free brochure-making template you used to rely on:

1.    Liven up your graphic design.

Begin with the font types. Go for the more interesting ones. Although they should tell much about your brand, they should also make the content of your brochure more readable. Say, you are selling a back pack exclusively for kids. Then, you may want to use font types that look like a child’s crude handwriting – to resonate your brand and your message.

Make extraordinary images out of your ordinary photos. Employ eye-catching effects on your high-quality images. Those effects would definitely work out magically. Use 3-D graphics instead of the amateur 2-D. They would make focal images pop off your page.

And finally, partner with the best designer who could work within your budget. Bear in mind that quality has a price. When done professionally, images might even entice better more than the message. However, if you want to personally work on your graphics, tutorials are available online. Checkout and master the latest techniques from Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

2.    Refresh your copy point.

Highlight your brochure’s front page with a thought-provoking question. Your question should prompt your reader to explore your brochure. Your reader must be convinced that the answer is “inside” your brochure. Simply stated, your question should focus on how your reader would benefit from your product or service.

Use “facts” to credibly sell your product or service. You may draw attention to the “facts” graphically. Distribute them into easy-to-read segments. You may also employ layout devices like side bars and large quotation marks to enclose, or underscore, salient points. Instead of a heavy text, try saying your message in bullet-form.

Of course, make sure that your reader gets to know how to conveniently reach you. Don’t forget to put and draw attention to your business name, web address, email, and phone numbers. Logically, after you have impressed your reader with your copy, he or she would soon contact you.

3.    Rev up your printing arrangement.

Be different. People are tired of tri-fold brochures. They have become very predictable. Experiment. Find out how the folding of your brochure would dramatically reveal your “presentation”.

You may also play on how die cutting is used in your brochure. Have you considered round corners? They would certainly add on your overall visual impact. What about die cutting your cover page? Die cutting may be applied on major graphics there to draw interest. Or, you could just vary the size of your pages. Cut some of them a little bit shorter to bring about a stair-stepped effect.

Brochures are your indispensable sales and marketing tools. Prepared and packaged properly, they would unquestionably lead you to a lucrative business. So, let your graphic design, copy point, and printing arrangement revitalize your brochures now.


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