How To Make Your Own Address Labels

One of the benefits of having a printer is you can make your own address labels. It is so convenient to simply pick up a label, remove the paper backing and stick the label on an envelope for mailing. Whether your professional life or social life dictates that you send out mail by the bulk, creating your own address labels gives you the liberty to design the layout, choose the fonts as well as the type of label sheet paper to use.

By using address labels, you save a lot of time by not having to write your address on mailing envelopes. It also makes your envelope look professional. Not everyone's penmanship is legible. Having your own address label allows the recipient (and the postal worker) to easily read the information.

Making your own address labels is quick and easy. Here is one way of doing it.

Using Microsoft Word Processing Software

  1. Click on the "Mailings" tab.
  2. Select "Labels."
  3. Type the address information in the "Address" window. You can edit, select fonts and styles while in this window.
  4. Click on "Options."  This opens the Label Options dialog box. Here you can specify Printer information as well as Label information.
  5. For Printer information, specify whether you will use Continuous-feed printers or Page printers. If you select Page printers, input the Tray information (Default tray, Automatically Select, Main tray, CD/DV tray or Photo tray.
  6. For the Label information, specify the Label vendors and the Product number (size of label) of the labels you are making. Click on "Details" if you want to see a more detailed description of the Product number you choose. You can see a preview of the label in this dialog box and change some of the measurements associated with this Product number. If the Product number is not on the list, you can also choose to create a New Label. When done with the Label Options, click Ok.
  7. Either Select "Print" or "New Document."   Selecting "Print" sends your address label direct to the printer. Just make sure the label sheet is in the printer and that the printer is on. If you selected "New Document" you can see your address labels in a Word document. You can edit the text while in this document. You can save the document for future printing.

You can include graphics, logos, and pictures. Changing the style of your mailing label is easy using Microsoft Word. In Microsoft Office Online, you can find pre-designed label Templates that eliminates the need to design your own. You can also customize these templates to your liking.

Other Options

Instead of using Microsoft Word or Office Templates in making your own address labels, you can visit sites that allow you to create your own. Some of these sites can print them for a fee. Simply use your search engine to find websites that allow you to create your own address labels. Check out these websites:

It is so easy to make your own address labels. By harnessing the different capabilities of the computer, your word processing software, the printer as well as the internet, you can easily create and print simple to beautifully designed labels. You can find various label sheet options in office supply or stationery stores as well as online. These are essentially sticker paper of different sizes, colors and textures. Create, print, peel and stick. That's all you have to do to make your own address labels!


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