How To Make Your Own Door Hanger Ads

Door hanger ads are catchy, unobtrusive to a certain extent and extremely effective. It is one tool that makes for effective word of mouth marketing. The visual consistency of door hanger ads will make it hard to miss as well, especially in a busy building or office space. These are relatively untapped sources of marketing leads. Even you can make these ads for personal reasons or worthy causes that are not necessarily for profit. Many a cause has been promoted by these useful tools. You can now open the doors for your business success and make your own door hanger ads with the following steps:

  • Concepts. Before you actually go to the creation of the door hanger ads, you need to be specific with your goals. What are the things you want to emphasize to your readers? What particular information do you want represented by the door hangers? What kind of impression do you want you readers to have of you based on those ads? These are crucial questions that will dictate the course of your door ad success. Answer these questions well and you will be breezing through the next steps.
  • Design. The design is the next step. What colors will you be using? If there are company colors, it might be the best time to harness that for branding and letting them know who you are and what you do. The layout itself is also another thing; how many words and images will there be. The overall look of it needs to be drafted before printing. You can do it in any typing and imaging platform. Even Microsoft Word is sufficient for these tasks.
  • Printing Options. Will you be doing it manually or printing it out? The use of your printer and the specifications of the printer of choice will affect how the door ads will look. You can either print a lot of copies on a huge sheet of paper then cut them up late or you can print them page per page without the need to cut.
  • Dimensions. The size is another factor that you need to configure before you make cuts. The scaling of the printer and the paper must be compatible so that you will not have printing errors later on.
  • Lamination. What makes door hanger ads last and withstand the wear and tear of constant exposure is the lamination involved after all the designing and printing is done. Do not scrimp on lamination, as this will help preserve your ads for more viewers in the door it will be installed in.

With lots of practice and creative designing strategies, you may find yourself not just advertising on doors but on billboards and other high end advertising tools. But nothing still beats the humble and alluring appeal of the door ads. Make sure you do not overdo; a single door ad is enough for a particular household. Too frequent door ad usage may work to your disadvantage if you are not careful.


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