How To Manage a Global Sales Force

Your sales force is your advance contingent--the one who gets to know the potential customers first and identifies who will be targeted. A good sales force wants to improve the interaction between the customer and the company by generating and closing as many leads as possible, educating potential clients, answering the needs and wants of consumers as closely as possible so as to be able to make potential customers become consumers.

As the potential customer's needs and requirements are identified with regards to the product or products, the sales force seeks to develop and communicate to him an optimal solution such that the potential customer sees the benefits of making a purchase. To achieve and manage this activity of evaluating customer's needs and wants and encouraging deals and purchases at a global level is the challenge that is faced when you have a global sales force.

A global sales force is expected to be able to operate independently. It's composed of highly skilled and competent people in the sales field. A global sales force can function and fulfill its tasks in spite of the great distance and even with having to interact with people who may have diverse cultures.

Generally, a global sales force is led by expatriates, managers who were transferred from the home country with the task of leading teams. Balanced by years of familiarity with the character and products of the company, these managers are sufficiently knowledgeable about the company to efficiently lead and manage several dispersed sales teams. These sales teams are mostly composed of sales people from the local country who understand the local market and inherent culture of the people. Sometimes, there are also sales people who have already come from different countries and have cross-cultural expertise in sales.

Managing a global sales force means efficiently leading the sales activities of an organization that has a large geographic reach. To be efficient, a global sales force should be aware of the brand and product of the company. Ensuring that each member of the global sales force is equipped with this knowledge will impact the sales productivity and contact management. Each sales person becomes confident in dealing with potential clients and current clients because of this.

Sales strategies and sales techniques are also shared by global sales force team members. Sharing specific steps and situations in workshops and seminars will give sales people real examples from which to draw from when similar occasions occur. Workshops and seminar materials can be taken from sales management books and from your own experiences in sales and handling of customers.

Having a global sales force means monitoring daily inventories and sales on a larger geographic sale. Several companies now sell software that will assist you, from managing your inventories, pricing, and contact management, to recording sales and performances of each individual. This sales force software also recommends training programs and other tools that will help develop the full potential of your global sales force.

Although a global sales force needs time to become efficient and effective in its work, individual talents, discipline and good management skills will help your global sales force become the best in the field.


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