How To Manage a Hotel

People go to a hotel to find a temporary abode that will give them good service so that all they have to do is eat and sleep. If you manage a hotel, you should know that people expect to be treated in a special way. Your hotel should be properly equipped both in staff and in amenities. In order to run this smoothly, you will need to consider the following:

  1. Planning is essential in every managing strategy so do not forget to lay out a realistic plan for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities and expenses. Breakdown your budget for each aspect of the hotel starting with maintaining the utilities of the hotel and making sure that the rooms are adequate and sanitized.
  2. Part of a good hotel management is hiring the best staff to do the tasks effectively. Always interview personally all the staff you are planning to hire for the hotel. A non-experienced applicant does not always mean that person is incompetent. By talking to the applicant, you can gauge right away if he can be an asset to the hotel. A good practice in hiring people is calling up the personal references that they have provided you. Call up sporadically to ask about the applicant’s personality. Since it is a hotel staff they are applying for, people-related traits are extremely important.
  3. Budget within your means. Some downfall of hotel businesses is caused by having lesser profits and greater overhead costs. Budget includes hotel maintenance and repairs. Include as much as possible every little detail that needs to be bought. Change your hotel into a “green” hotel and save up costs on electricity. For instance, use CFLs, initiate an off-lights policy on sunny days and have the hotel designed to maximize natural light and ventilation.
  4. Develop a good working relationship with your staff. Always give them ample time to take breaks and day offs. A healthy staff is more efficient than running a staff to his edge.
  5. Treat your customers with patience and respect. There will always be irate customers who get in your nerves but you should always be poised and patient enough to handle them. Listen to your customers. Sometimes one of the manager’s failures is to listen to their customers. Others pretend to listen but they in the end they do not deliver. Always listen and work out a solution to every customer’s needs. It will give your customers a good feeling that they are special in your hotel. Customers are referrals. They can be tools for marketing.
  6. Always upgrade your furniture and beddings. Your hotel will have a concept and you ought to stick with that concept. But your beddings, furniture and other loose items should always be upgraded. Check each room everyday to make sure that the furniture is in top shape. If you see furniture that needs to be repaired, list them down and schedule for their refurbishment.
  7. Always pay your utility bills on time and be knowledgeable about taxes, noise ordinances and fire regulations. Keep in handy important emergency numbers and nearest medical institutions. Your security should always be considered. Use a good alarm system and a good security pass keys.

A good hotel always gets rave reviews. When you manage the hotel well, people will be satisfied and will talk about it, maybe even blog about it. They would be referring your hotel to friends and that would mean good business for you.


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