How To Manage the Software Development Process

The same with any other business sector, the process of software engineering should have a closely controlled approach and outlined methodologies companies should follow in improving their software architecture.

Here are some of the best procedures in managing the software development process:

1. Planning, specifying and establishing desired requirements for the application being developed.

Most consumers have a general idea of what the outcome product should be but by and large, they usually don’t know what software they should use. This is where experienced software companies and engineers, should come in. Using metrics in feasibility studies, a consumer identifies their sought product then the software engineer can work on creating the software.

2. Product and system design.

The engineer should be able to identify both hardware and software requirements needed for this application to run. Ensuring the product’s design is very critical in developing softwares. Keep in mind that a hiccup in the product or system design will surely make it harder for you to solve when the development process is already on its concluding stages.

3. Generating the software codes.

The software engineer will develop the software according to the functions laid out in the product design. The engineer should document each interface for future references in case of issues arising in the latter part of the process, it’ll be easier to solve.

4. Test the software to ensure its quality.

One thing to keep in mind, the quality assurance representative should test parts of the software where one or maybe more than one engineer worked on, as it cannot be avoided that a software-developing project will involve more than one software engineer. Most project leads will decide to release a beta version of the application for consumers to try the product. Beta releases should only have minor issues when used by a consumer. If bugs were found or any other issues, patch releases should be given to solve those persistent problems.

5. Continuously observe the beta released software by means of daily maintenance checks.

The software engineer should always monitor the changes done to the application while the documentation group should be able to review the code changes in case the beta release, or the patch release, are not stable as initially expected.

6. Slowly transition to the stable and final release.

After making sure bugs are removed from the beta release, it is finally ready to be deployed for consumers to use. Software companies should still get occasional surveys from customers to ensure that the product is secured and working correctly.

There are a number of ways to manage and supervise a software development process that a business can put into use, but there’s only one thing companies should take in consideration: good customer experience.


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