How To Market a Pet-Sitting Service

Creating a business like a pet-sitting service is just like an ordinary business that you need to come up with a unique marketing strategy for. In urban areas, a pet-sitting business is quite in demand. Most families now have pets that they value and consider as their own family members. Having this kind of business is ideal for those who enjoy being around dogs and cats. You will be enjoying, and at the same time making money from the activity.

A pet-sitting service is often called in whenever the owners of the pet/s are out on vacation, travelling or away from home. Its service offers convenience and peace of mind for the owners of the pet/s. If you want to start your own pet-sitting service, here are the strategies to market your business.

  1. Make creative-looking (but at the same time professional) business cards. Make sure the information that’s written on it includes your pet-sitting service name, your name and contact number. It could also include the price of your service.
  2. A website or blog can create a big impact to your promotion. Having your own website could possibly gain prospective customers because usually nowadays, people have the habit of searching for most information through the Internet. Make sure your website is informative. It should include all the information they would need to hire you for the job. Adding pictures about previous job experiences would also be a good idea for the customers to know exactly what it is you can do for them (and in this case, for their pet/s.)
  3. Make flyers. The fastest way to make flyers is to do them on a word processor or desktop publishing software. In can be simple or creative. It should be informative. While handing out the flyers, you could also engage in small talk about your pet-sitting service. This will give the prospective customers an idea about what kind of people will be taking care of their pet/s and they also get to meet you up close and personal.
  4. Always visit local dog parks. It is in these places that most of your clients would be at. This way, you can post your flyers in the surrounding areas of the dog park and give flyers as well to the pet owners that you could possibly meet.
  5. Post your flyers in a marketable area. Find a location that is people always go to. You may try the marketplaces, shopping malls and you may even try walking in residential areas and handing them over to the people you meet along the way.
  6. Make a brochure. Aside from giving flyers, it is a good idea to have a brochure that indicates the kind of services that you offer, the territories you serve and any information that may help you market your business. It can be a one-page or a tri-fold brochure. It depends on how creative you can go and how much information you can give. Keep in mind that it must be attractive and informative to your clients.
  7. Invest in personalized pet products and services. It would be a big contribution to your business because for your existing clients and prospective customers, it will give them an awareness of how unique your services are. Personalized products like your own pet brush with your business name written across it, your own food bowls, mats, and the like.


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