How To Market a Wedding Planner Business

If you are a wedding planner and you are just starting out, then unless you are heavily networked, you may find it difficult to find customers.  Marketing yourself and what you can do is key.  However, marketing does cost money especially if you don’t know anything about it.  Fortunately, you will now learn how you can create a buzz about your business.  Here are some tips to market your business without having to invest a whole lot of dough.

  • Start with a website.  The Internet has become the new marketplace so this is where you should focus most of your efforts.  To start out, you will need a fashionable website.  The theme should be in line with wedding consultation.  It can be a simple website with a portfolio of weddings you have done as well as client testimonials about how happy they were with the job you did.  Consider your website as your virtual office as well as your business card.  Get a web designer to do it for you or do it yourself through free website creation utilities.  Weebly and Wix are good sites to use in creating the website yourself.  They also offer free hosting but if you plan to use your domain, you may have to upgrade your hosting level to a paid one.  Don’t worry, it is not that expensive.
  • Market your website.  This will entail a whole lot of online networking.  For starters, build up your social networking profile on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn.  Creating a profile is free.  Adding more friends, followers, fans, and connections will take some time.  Sharing your website and your services on these social networking sites can drive instant traffic to your website.  This can instantly create a buzz about your website and business.  Aside from social networking, you can start a blog about wedding planning and other ideas about weddings.  This blog should be linked with your main website and the articles should be informative enough to make readers come back for more.  Finally, you can also put out free ads on Craigslist to attract more inquiries.  You can even link up the ad back to your website if a visitor wants to know more.
  • Execute a referral program.  You can only do so much with online marketing.  A lot of business can be derived from old fashion networking.  Develop a referral programs wherein every referral from a person, group, or store will entitle them to a commission.  Once you have developed one, start meeting all of the reception halls, hotels, caterers, photographers, and florists around and offer them your program.  This is easy money on their part so they should agree to the scheme.  Soon enough, you will have a lot of new customers coming in.
  • Word of mouth marketing.  This is another element you can take advantage of.  It will entail providing your services at a discounted rate to a customer in exchange for good publicity and referrals.  This is one of the best strategies you can employ when you start out.  Of course, make sure that you still earn decently from the wedding so that you are not too shortchanged.  

Advertising on wedding magazines and newspapers is another option that can expose you to the public and get you new customers but this can be quite costly.  Unless you have the budget for it, it would be wise to stick with the options listed in this article.


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