How To Market Massage Therapy

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If you are a massage therapist, then you are probably good at what you do, working the muscles of a client to make him or her feel more relaxed.  Obviously, the other facets of business such as marketing and accounting are way over your head.  In fact, you may not even want to deal with it.  Nevertheless, if you want your massage therapy business to prosper and flourish, you will need to get as many clients as you can.  Unfortunately, to achieve a steady based of clients, you will need to do some marketing.  Don’t worry, even if you are not inclined to it, you can still be able do a little marketing.  A little can go a long way.  That said here are some simple tips you can consider in marketing your massage therapy service and business.

  • Prepare your marketing materials.  Basically, you will need to print out flyers and business cards.  This will be your primary marketing materials.  If you are not computer illiterate, then have a printer do the design and produce it for you.  You will have to invest a bit in it since printers tend to jack up the prices a bit.  On the other hand, if you can hold your own with a computer, design the flyers and print it out on sheets of paper using a desktop printer.  For the business cards, find templates online, edit, and use cardstock paper to print it out.  If you need more flyers, simply have it copied.  Once you are ready with your materials, you are ready to start doing a little marketing.
  • Go door to door.  If your massage therapy business focuses on a particular neighborhood or area, then the best way to do a little marketing is to go door to door and give out your flyers and business card.  Tell each homeowner what services you can provide and how fast the turnaround time is when they call.  If you provide in-shop services (services in your spa), then make sure that you include the address on the flyers and business cards.  Aside from homes in the area, make sure to takes stabs at the businesses and companies in the area as well.
  • Specialized services marketing.  Alright, your marketing strategy may be different based on what kind of services you offer.  If you offer the regular massage and spa services, then your market is pretty huge.  But, if your particular therapy focuses on medicine, pregnancy, or athletes, then you will have to figure out where you should focus on in your marketing.  For instance, if you have specialty therapy services for athletics, then you would definitely want to distribute your advertisements and flyers at local hospitals, athletic publications, and sporting events.  If possible, get a sports doctor or trainer to help you get clients through a referral program.
  • Take out ads.  Newspapers and lifestyle magazines would be good places to take out ads in simply because of the wide reader base and the relevancy to your target market.  Now this may cost some money so make sure you can afford it.  Don’t worry; it should be worth the investment.  Aside from these, you can take out free ads on Craigslist, which is an online classified directory that focuses on specific cities and states.

When preparing your ads and marketing materials, make sure to include the rates for your service coupled with a well-written and enticing copy.  If possible, include photos that exude relaxation.  Make sure to include a list of benefits and features that come with the services you offer.


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