How To Market Shea Body Butter

As with any other product, marketing is a vital element to be considered in order to sell a product and hopefully make a profit. Apart from the product itself, marketing will usually involve packaging and pricing decisions, and the brand, among others. When marketing Shea Body Butter, here are a few things to consider.

What you need:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Packaging


Start by trying to identify the main attributes of the product. Try to do so as if you are a customer rather than the manufacturer of the product, because this way you can better think of the characteristics of a product that will appear to its target market.

In the case of Shea Body Butter, which is a moisturizer ideal to help people suffering from a variety of skin problems, the main target groups would be those people who wish to address dry skin and similar conditions. Focus on the health benefits of the product. Create advertisements and other marketing material that focus on using Shea Body Butter as a cure for dermatitis, eczema, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, itching, hard skin conditions and stretch marks. Furthermore, you can emphasize the fact that Shea Body Butter contains natural ingredients.


Pricing decisions have a role to play in the marketing of the product. If the price is set relatively low there may be the advantage that more customers are encouraged to buy it as it would be more affordable. However, setting the price too low might undermine the perceived quality of a product. Competitors’ pricing strategies should also be analyzed. Try pricing your item within reach of the target market, but still with a premium, such that it won’t be thought of as an inferior good.


The next step is where you will be selling the product. A moisturizer can be sold in a variety of ways, and not only from retail outlets. You may consider teleshopping, catalog orders, online shopping or even through direct selling. In considering these options you will need a good product website and experienced sales people who can promote the product effectively.


It is important to consider how the packaging of the product will help in its marketing. An appealing and eye catching packaging, container and color all play a part in the way customers view Shea Body Butter in relation to its price and other similar products.


Coming up with promotional campaigns which will further encourage customers to purchase and try out Shea Body Butter. These include discounts, vouchers, free gifts or coupons. You can also have product testing at stores and promo stalls.

Marketing a product involves making it visible, and giving it an attractive image that will catch the interest of its target market. However, marketing should also mean that your product should meet expectations. It’s not enough to sell to a first time customer. Your product, the packaging, and the price should match the customer’s needs, that she will come back to buy more when the need arises.


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