How To Market Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are a convenience. For people with busy lifestyles who don’t have the time to go out often, they use these useful devices to get a cosmetic tan. But this sort of business is competitive, and tanning salons have to have an advantageous way of marketing their products and services to attract more customers. Here are some ideas on how to market your salon’s tanning beds.

What you need:

  • Your tanning salon, and tanning bed/s
  • Creative advertisement and promotional ideas

Keep a record of customers

This is an important and useful method of marketing. You should keep note of your customers, especially the regular ones, who come into your salon for a tan. Most states and insurance companies allow you to keep a record of your customers, and included in these records are your clients’ address and contact number. Use this information to your advantage by sending your clients coupons, discount cards, or any kind of free advertisements to further promote your salon and tanning equipment.

Promote your best features and services

Highlight what you can provide for your customers, especially the features and services your tanning beds can offer that other competitors do not have. For example, you can highlight that your tanning beds have new tanning bulbs, and showcase some commercial tanning beds that you have in your salon. 

Use advertisements

Use the media to your advantage: you can advertise through a TV commercial on the local channels, or broadcast your salon’s services in your local radio station. The latter option is more affordable, and can reach a lot of listeners in your community. You can also use print advertisements in the form of flyers, promotion posters, and newspaper ads.

Offer freebies and packages

Customers love getting free items, so contact your suppliers (e.g., lotion companies) to see if they can provide freebies for customers. Some suppliers will reimburse you if you include their product and company in your advertisements. Also, offer discounts and free service upgrades during off-peak hours.

Network with local businesses

Make arrangements with neighboring businesses, as long as they are not competitors, to see if they are interested in promoting other companies’ services and products. Consult with the management of those businesses to if this arrangement can be done. You can give your business neighbors some of your salon’s promotional flyers so their customers can be informed about your salon, and in exchange you can promote their services and
products to your own customers.

Use referrals

Be friendly with your customers, especial your regulars, and see if they can refer friends to your tanning salon. The best time for chatting with your customers is when they are using your tanning beds. This form of promotion is free, and you may even get more customers by doing it. Offer discounts or affiliate points (which can be redeemed as services) if they can refer new clients.

Think creatively for your marketing strategies, and be open and friendly with your customers to get more people coming into your salon. Always be sure to highlight your salon’s services and tanning beds’ best features to stand out from the rest. 


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