How To Market Your Construction Business on a Budget

Creating a budget for your construction business can help you cut costs and keep track of your company’s financial progress. Resorting to below-the-line marketing methods can help you to better monitor your company’s expenses so you will not have to suffer any financial setbacks at the end of the year. Follow the marketing suggestions given below so you know how to implement them within a budget.

What you need:

  • Your construction business
  • Creativity
  • Competent communication skills
  • Desktop or laptop computer with internet access
  • Graphics software (e.g. MS Picture Publisher)

Set Up a Website

Use a graphics-editing program that is easy to use like MS Picture Publisher to create and edit graphics and photos for the web pages presenting your construction business. You can also hire a web designer to do the work for you but you will have to pay him or her for the service. Either way, be sure to include relevant information about your company. These might include customer testimonials, services you can provide, and the costs of your construction services. Display these in user-friendly way. You then need to acquire your own domain name and web hosting services. Contact a web developer and pay them to publish the site online. Take note that the costs for this method depend on your company’s locality and hours spent making the website.

Set Up a Blog

Setting up a blog is almost similar to setting up a website, but it costs less and is easier to do. Blogs are popular, and search engines are quick to adding them to the first few pages of the search results. Just like setting up a website, be sure to highlight your good points to the public especially photos of your business ventures and successful projects your company had finished. Be sure to update your blog on a regular basis so readers will know that your company is active.

Use Online Directories or Free Sites

Submit your construction business to online directories such as Yahoo! and so you can advertise your construction business for free. You can also search out other similar websites you can use through online search engines.

Use the Media to Your Advantage

Implementing a community event for your company may cost you some money, but getting media exposure is free. Give a tip to your local newspaper or TV station that you are hosting a program or event so they can cover it. You can benefit from the media exposure, because this will make the public know that your company is available for hiring. Do this on a regular basis, at best once every month, to remain visible to the public eye.

Use Referrals

Word of mouth is still one of the best means of advertising your business, and it will not cost you any money at all. Be friendly and make small talk with your clients, and ask them if they can refer your business to their friends and acquaintances that may want to hire your services. You can even offer discounts or affiliate commissions for referrals.

Few contractors ever resort to budgeting, but it will prove useful especially when you need to make sure you want to reach a financial quota at the end of the year. Marketing using below-the-line methods can help you reach out to a focused audience without the big expense.


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