How To Monitor Workplace Productivity

Every workplace has its own work culture. Some leave their employees to be entirely independent. Others resort to penalizing their employees in some form or another when work suffers. Depending upon how your work culture is based, you could implement systems that are dynamic and encourage workplace productivity.  You can learn more about different types of workplaces by taking online courses in business management.

Some of the main reasons for monitoring the workplace are: protection of company property, discourage workplace productivity losses, protect employee privacy and morale, protect trade secrets and prevent espionage and protect business from sexual harassment and / or protect the company from lawsuits arising out of employee misuse.

Inter-personnel meetings

Inter-personnel meetings are one of the most important means of monitoring workplace productivity. Here, the employee can participate in an open-forum and the employer can assess the progress of that employee. Either party can take the other into confidence without fearing interference of third parties. Any issues arising can be monitored and potential problems immediately taken care of to improve workplace productivity.

Group discussions

Group discussions are particularly useful in watching and monitoring the interactions between employees as well as between employer and employee. Here employees can openly discuss what issues are preventing one from being productive due to action by another.


There are many companies that install close circuit cameras to monitor workplace productivity. These are not limited to offices but also in retail markets which involve both employees and customers.


Various software have been introduced that monitor workplace productivity such as software that records web based emails, file attachments and downloads, chat and instant messaging with complete logs, stealth mode and password protection. Telecommunication records are also monitored to ensure workplace productivity.

Monitoring the Internet

The Internet is an indispensable tool when it comes to workplace productivity. However, with it also is accompanied various online programs and games and instant chat which eats into the workplace productivity. Internet monitoring can take place at various levels. At the desktop level, network level and server level. The administrator can block access to various portals and websites.

Monitoring the employee

Sometimes it is necessary to monitor the employee himself for health related issues, morale, performance and behavior to ensure that the company does not expose itself to potential problems and law suits.

The ideal workplace is one where there is no need to monitor employees. However, this is not always possible and in every workplace, there may be some truant employees which necessitate monitoring workplace productivity.  Monitoring software and policies surrounding employee behavior are covered in detail in online classes in business management.


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