How To Motivate a Sales Staff

Getting a sales team motivated is crucial to making sure you reach your goals. If your sales team is fired up, you can get the people to do what it takes to succeed. It’s important that your sales staff knows what they need to do and they have the ample back up needed to reach their goals.

As a manager, it’s your job to keep your sales team happy so they can be good producers. Here are things you can do to motivate a sales staff.

  • Let everyone know what the goals are. If you want everyone on the same page, you need to make it known what the sales goals are. This means the total company target, the goal per district or office and individual goals. It’s hard for salespeople to know what they need to sell if you don’t tell them what they need to do. Most salespeople are go- getters and goal oriented. Knowing the ultimate goal helps them focus on what needs to be done.
  • Break down the goal into a manageable figure. Once everyone knows the annual production expected it’s time to break that down. It’s intimidating to think that someone needs to sell millions of dollars worth of products, but if you can make it more manageable by setting up a daily, weekly and monthly goal, it’s easier to achieve the target. This will also let your sales team know if they are on track, behind or exceeding expectations.
  • Properly train the sales team. If you want your sales force to be effective, they need to know the ins and outs of the products they are selling. Whether they are selling cars, makeup, computers or other personal goods, your team will be better sales people if they know the product. Make sure everyone is well trained and has a resource manual or person to confer with for more product information. The more they know, the more they can sell.
  • Provide ample support so your team can do their job. Budget part of your money to go towards the proper equipment your sales team needs to get the job done. This may mean company cars, a cell phone, computer, an assistant and other good working office equipment. This way, your sales people can remain focused on the business of selling rather than data entry or other tasks that other people can do instead.
  • Do incentive plans. Aside from working on commission, you need to get your sales force revved up with extra perks. Offer trips, free meals and other fun items to your sales people. No matter how much money someone has, free stuff is still welcomed! Set tiers for performance bonuses. Usually, only ten to twenty percent of your sales force will bring in about 80 percent of your sales, but it will only take about one person’s annual production to cover the cost of all your incentives.
  • Say, “Good work” at the end of the day. Everyone needs some level of affirmation. Compliment your sales staff for a job well done. A pat on the bag, or even a short word of encouragement can really help turn around the day of a salesperson. Be generous with your praise and be enthusiastic about your team.

Treat your sales force well and they will return the favor a hundred times over. No matter how good your product is you need someone to sell it for you. Keeping your sales team motivated will help them do their jobs well, and that means only good news for your bottom line.


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