How To Motivate Sales Employees

Sales employees are just like other employees who look forward to incentives, rewards, and recognition. What is unique about sales employees is they actually expect monetary incentives, monetary rewards, and monetary recognition. Sales people like their freedom and do not enjoy the confines of the office. They love the interaction. They look forward to transforming their effort into actual results. They like being out on the field, making calls, and are challenged with the possibilities and are willing to take the necessary risks. If you want these type of sales employees to be consistently motivated here are some tips.

  • Design a tiered commission plan. Everyone wants to make more money. Putting together a commission plan on top of the basic compensation for sales employees will get them motivated to work harder to earn higher commission. They will work in proportion to the amount of money that they are looking to make. Most sales people do not expect a huge basic salary but they are expecting a hefty commission package. So tier the commission plan so you can motivate your sales people. You do not want a very high commission for only a few high performing sales individuals. You want all of your sales team to strive for a target even if it is only mid-way of the highest possible commission payout. A tiered commission plan will help you achieve that.
  • Create sales incentives that are transparent. You need to set the right expectation. You need to be clear on the get go how the sales incentive will be calculated to the point where your people can actually compute for it by themselves. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your teammate striving to meet their financial goal each month. On the other side, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving something less than what you were expecting. So make sure your incentives are transparent and uncomplicated so it serves its purpose – to motivate.
  • Provide daily reporting on how each employee is trending. To keep the motivational level high, report on the team’s achievement daily. Let them see how close they are to hitting their goal. Provide each one a breakdown of how much they’ve already made and how much more they can make by creating individual reports that aims to highlight successes and its monetary equivalent.
  • Help them focus on results. Do not allow your people to be distracted. Whether it is a failed attempt or a reversed sale, help them focus on the goal. Let them learn from failure and help them get over it as quickly as possible so they can get back on track. There is very little room in their mind for anything else other than “always be closing” a sale.
  • Communicate daily. Be there for your team. Grab the opportunity to speak with them as a team and as individuals. Let them share with you their successes and their challenges. Either urge them on, or help them if they are having difficulty. Go the distance for your sales people and it will pay dividends through their output.

Although money is a big motivator it is not the end all and be all for your sales employees. You will have to utilize all of the above to jump start and sustain a motivated sales team.


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