How To Motivate Security Guards to Do a Good Job

Security guards are essential in maintaining proper order, as well as providing sufficient protection to businesses, properties, assets and even people. They are usually privately employed and are told to always have a highly visible presence in order to dissuade illegal and malicious actions and possibly apprehend violators. Being a security guard is no easy task. It takes a great deal of patience and enthusiasm to overcome the boredom and monotony of having to guard the same area again and again. This is the primary reason why some security guards slack off or don’t perform their duties well. This is where you come in. You have to think of a variety of creative ways to keep them motivated and thus, helping them to do a good job.

Here are some tips to keep your security guards alive and kicking.

  • Show them some love. Express your appreciation by throwing an occasional party or so. Always celebrate a job well done! You should always praise your guard by saying kind words, handing out gifts or tokens and by not being too rough when barking orders. However, be wary of too much commendation or some security guards would take this opportunity to abuse your kindness. Lastly, give them the amount of respect they truly deserve.
  • Be sensitive. Instead of pointing out every wrongdoing, try a better approach of correcting your security guard’s mistakes. You could start out with, “This is how to make your job easier” or “That’s good, here’s how to do it better.” Also, try being a little more sensitive of their feelings. They are also human beings after all!
  • Offer bonuses and other incentives. Give bonuses to security guards who are performing well with their jobs. Offer a raise to those who are exemplary and exceed expectations. This is indeed a great motivator, especially since money is involved. Apply the concept of reward and punishment. By offering them bonuses and other incentives, your security guards will be motivated to complete their assigned tasks completely and successfully.
  • Be a little bit strict. You could easily motivate your security guards by instilling in them a sense of being watched. Install security cameras throughout the vicinity. This would make them stay on task and avoid eminent punishment for slacking off.
  • Organize the activities. Give your security guards a checklist of what to do and a time table corresponding to the said tasks. Make them roam around the property at certain intervals, which would facilitate and make the job easier for them. This would actually eliminate boredom since they would have to do certain responsibilities at particular intervals of time. To kill the monotony, you can modify their schedules a little bit. For instance, change their assigned posts every month.
  • Do random inspections. Announce to your security guards that you will be having random testing and check-ups in security areas. Perform this often to keep them on track. Praise them or hand them a token of appreciation when they’re doing a job well done. You can also sometimes be a little strict and warn them of corresponding punishment for poorly done work.

It is indeed important to motivate your security guards to perform well. It may sometimes be difficult since managing people requires a lot of balancing, but if done correctly, your properties, assets or business will be well protected.


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