How to Move Your Paper Processing Mobile

Smart Phones and Handheld computers have been a huge contribution factor in how many businesses today do business especially those with a large number of mobile workers. The biggest advantage these devices give is that they allow the man on the move to make the right decision at the right time without any delays or waiting for inputs from the office, or even waiting for data and details to reach him, to put it simply they put mission critical information in their hands exactly when they need it, since he has access to all the records and information that he needs to act instantaneously. Paper processes are already on their way out, and are often treated as a mere waste of time, ink and paper and the need to maintain records that might wear out or get damaged easily.

Mobile devices help to put the tools in your workers hands that allow them to make split second decisions knowing that they have the right information and they can make the right decision based on that information. By using these tools the advantages for your workers are numerous.

Time Savings
•    Saving time by storing all the data on the mobile equipment instead of office computers.
•    Using mobile equipment to transfer data to other computers with the aid of the wireless network
•    Data capture becomes faster with the inbuilt or attached barcode scanners
•    Data can be entered in the field itself and checked as well with no worries about missing information etc
•    GPS tracking helps to save on travel time

Cost Savings
•    Helps to cut down on fuel expenses since there is no need to drive back and forth from the office. Wireless connectivity helps the mobile worker to get orders from the back office, coordinate activities and inform about action taken.
•    Helps to reduce the number of people employed since no administrative back up or intermediaries are required. Efficiency gets enhanced with multiple jobs accomplished simultaneously.
•    Money wasted on laptops and other equipment can be stopped. Handheld computers are cheaper in the long run as they are a single substitute for digital camera, GPS devices, barcode scanners and paper forms.  

Coordination Between Multiple Departments
•    Smart phones and handheld computers offer a single synchronized platform that can automate the entire business by bringing together various divisions
•    They also help in coordinating with the accounting section for faster cash disbursal and collections
•    Easier data collection and transmission for analysis and use in other divisions
•    Transparency in field work through real-time management visibility

•    Accuracy of data entered is higher and can be checked at various stages
•    Computation and data analysis can be done in the field itself

Easily Formulised Business Processes
•    Multiple business processes can be initiated with handheld computers and smart phones at the site itself
•    Best practices adopted by configuring mobile software solutions and applying them in the field as well

Reduction In Human Error
•    Invoicing disputes are minimized since the audit records can be checked at the site itself
•    Lower rates of human error and typing mistakes since business processes are automated and multiple checks are put in place
•    Hand written records especially illegible ones are no longer needed for information
•    Digital images of tasks accomplished remove any scope of disputes
•    The highly efficient machines nullify the possibility of loss of data and backups can always be accessed
•    There is proof of every activity and no job remains undocumented

Reliable Staff and Product tracking
•    Jobsite timings namely, clock-in and clock-out timings are all recorded to provided accurate work and time estimates
•    Training can take place on site and extended to people on the move through video and audio facilities
•    Digital signatures captured by Mobile Devices help in providing proof of work and delivery
•    Mobile inventories can be tapped in times of shortages and thereby avert a crisis or an emergency, besides saving fuel, time and money on rushing the products fro the main office
•    Help in keeping track of inventory levels and shipping status

Hold And Advantage Over Your Competitors
•    Mobile technology like smart phones and handheld computers offer a competitive advantage in the form of instant work visibility, account status, inventory levels and shipping status
•    Offer a competitive advantage to customers as well especially those who want instant results and up to data information about progress and completion of the job assigned
•    Work can be reviewed, problems solved and other disputes resolved by staying connected to the back office at all times

With all these advantages the mobility of the enterprise can be enhanced so easily and with it will increase the level of efficiency and the pace of work. Mobile Devices offer a competitive advantage to all businesses, and a business that does not use them would lose out in the long run.

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