How To Name a Fast Food Restaurant

Today, people tend to be very busy with a lot of things. Most have tight schedules and overwhelming work loads. To make it worse are the busy streets and the hot weather. On the bright side, we have fast food restaurants that can be reached to at least minimize the headache brought about by our busy routines. Because of this, fast food restaurants are good businesses in the contemporary setting. If you are planning to open up a fast food restaurant, the naming process can be as difficult as choosing the type of cuisine that you will be serving. Its name should create a good impression for your customers, so it is necessary to put much thought and care in creating a suitable name. Consider the following tips to help you out.

  1. Lots of fast food restaurant owners use the term bar and grill, café, or pub after the main name of their restaurant. You can also do the same but make a creative and memorable main restaurant name.
  2. Search for words that connote an inviting atmosphere such as ‘den’ which may mean as a place with a warm and intimate atmosphere. You can come up with a list of names using such term so choose the one that is more fitting.
  3. You can base the name of your restaurant from the locality where it is located. It may be located in a place of great historical importance so try creating a name that pulls the element of history. People would surely look for it especially if you can decorate your fast food restaurant with stuffs that have been historically utilized.
  4. You can name your fast food restaurant depending on the type of cuisine that you will be serving to your customers, may it be burgers, pasta or chicken. It can easily give the people an idea on the types of food offered in your fast food restaurant. Naming you restaurant based on the type of cuisine offered is more like conveying a mental image of menus allowing customers to know what is exactly to be expected from the restaurant.
  5. If it’s not for the type of cuisine, you can base the name of your fast food restaurant from the place where your special cuisines have originated. For instance, your fast food restaurant is exclusively serving Italian cuisine but your restaurant is located somewhere in the Philippines. The restaurant name may include ‘Italian’ so that people would know that the restaurant is serving Italian food. This way, you are establishing a name inspired by the origin of the food served to your customers.
  6. You can add a personal meaning to your restaurant’s name. You can name it after your child or loved ones. This may create curiosity to a number of customers so be prepared to share the story behind the name of your fast food restaurant.

Creating a name for a fast food restaurant may be difficult but if you land an appropriate one, your fast food restaurant is sure to attract more customers and will eventually be one of the sought after restaurants.


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