How To Navigate Through Online Work at Home Scams

Many have been lured by the prospects of earning money while staying at home. While working from home is definitely possible, navigating through online work at home scams may not be that easy. This is why it is important to know the red flags to avoid getting scammed.

  1. Do not be tempted by the promise of big earnings for doing trivial tasks. Most online scammers post jobs that will supposedly earn you huge amounts of money for doing tasks that require little or no skills at all. Data entry, envelope stuffing, and posting links are just some of the more commonly used baits to lure you into signing up for the online job. After you have given your personal information, these bogus business entities will then require you to purchase kits or information packets which are totally useless. Not only have you been scammed of money, but you do not get an online job post as well.
  2. Think twice before applying for a job that requires you to pay a fee. Typically, companies or business entities serious about hiring telecommuters will not require the job hopefuls to pay just to apply for the post. However, this is not always the case especially with companies running affiliate programs online. Well established companies may require you to shoulder a fee, not just for marketing kits and supplies, but also for the aggressive advertising they are already doing to popularize the products or services.
  3. Always research the business' legitimacy. You should research if the business is indeed legitimate. You can check for this information from the official website of the Better Business Bureau. You can also check out online forums to know what other people's experiences are in working with these organizations.
  4. Always demand for verifiable information. Most online scammers post testimonials of people who have allegedly become a financial success for following their online business programs. Be very wary of such testimonials. Better yet, contact the website's owner to request for direct contact information of people who gave the testimonials. If they are not hiding anything, then they should not be hesitant to direct you to the people can vouch for the said online business.

Looking for legitimate and lucrative online work at home is not that easy especially if you are quite new to the field. This is why you should only check out job postings from reliable websites. And do not quit that day job if you are not that confident about surviving in the online work at home environment. Bear in mind that telecommuters, while can work around their own schedules, have to follow client specified deadlines too. So if you do not think you can discipline yourself to see through these deadlines, then working from home may not be the right choice.


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