How To Obtain a Wholesaler License

If you are starting a business and would like to purchase products for resale then you're going to need a wholesaler license. A wholesaler license is not very hard to obtain. In fact, a wholesaler license is really just a business license. A business license allows you to buy things at a wholesale rate or sell them at a wholesale rate should you choose.

If you are going into the resale business, you will need to get a wholesaler license.  You never know when you're going to stumble across an item that you know is going sell well for you. You'll have higher profits if you're able to buy that item in bulk.  No company is going to take you seriously as a retailer if you don't have wholesaler license.  In fact, you will be wasting money if you don't have one. Some companies will require that you have a wholesale license to purchase their items at a reduced rate. Some companies will allow you to purchase items at wholesale without a wholesaler license, but if you have a wholesaler license, they'll provide the items for you at an even lower rate. 

If you want to obtain a wholesale license, it's easy enough. What you must do is go online and look up how to obtain a business license in your city. Many local governments provide you with the opportunity to download the appropriate documents from the internet and print them out on your home computer. You then have to fill out the document and pay a fee. Your fee may be paid annually or biannually, depending upon your region. In either case, you will be asked to pay this fee up front. It's likely you will have to hand-deliver the form, along with your payment, to the appropriate office. Some local governments will allow you to fax in the paperwork and will then take your credit card information over the phone for payment.

It will take a few weeks to process your information. Once your paperwork has been processed, you will be issued a business license. You can then present this document whenever a company asks for your wholesaler license. You will be able to get items at the same discount as any other professional business. If you want to sell items as a wholesaler, you can also do so because you will be a business that's licensed to operate legally in your area.


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