How To Offer Self Storage Services

There are many reasons for the use of storage services. Some people need to store items in a storage service because the items will be needed at a later time. Sometimes household goods need to be kept temporarily until finding a new home. Sometimes your belongings have to be stored because a large enough permanent home has not been located. There are many other reasons for a storage client but if you work for a storage service company, how would you offer self storage services?

1.    Say something about the climate controlled convenience.

Clients may be interested to know the description of the storage area. The climate must be conveniently controlled, the floor levels and the elevators as well as the loading bays. The entire facility must be clean and well-lit.

2.    Inform clients about ultimate security.

Clients will appreciate it if there are alarms in every unit, there is computer coded access, and there is a video surveillance system.

3.    Invite clients for online reservations and payment.

Clients will become more comfortable if they know that reservations and payments can be done online. Some clients prefer to deal with machines rather than facing individuals face to face.

4.    Announce complete moving and storage services.

This may include the free use of moving trucks, loading docks, complete range of boxes, and other client services.

5.    Offer the following reminders to potential clients:

  • Do not put too many items into one box.
  • Label all sides of the box as to the contents and which room they belong in.
  • Do not overload boxes containing books, magazines and other paper files.
  • Wrap all paper objects in plastic bags or plastic coverings before loading them in the box.
  • Wrap every item with plastic foam, paper, or old cloth.
  • Chinaware or glassware should be wrapped several times so they remain intact.
  • Wax wooden furniture to prevent moisture from affecting the wood.
  • Wrap your mattresses in the special bags provided so they will not absorb moisture and will not lose shape.
  • Store stuff that might freeze in an air-conditioned storage facility so that temperature is controlled.
  • Foods to be stored must be placed in jars to keep away rodents.
  • Electronic equipment must be in their original boxes.
  • Apply a thin coating of oil before wrapping any object made of metal or a similar alloy.
  • Place some moth balls inside the boxes of clothes.
  • Organize cupboards so they efficiently store their contents.

Offering self-storage services is business on your part. As such, it is important to learn what services your competitors offer. For your own business, offer an unparalleled level of customer service, and the highest quality of storage facilities at competitive prices.


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