How To Open a Baby Store

Before we get into the specifics of how to open a baby store, let's quickly discuss why a baby store is a good idea.  The main reason is this - No matter how bad the economy gets, or how little money people may have, they will continue having babies.  The baby business is a smart one to get into, because you are guaranteed a clientele that will need your products.

Obviously, the first step to open a baby store is to find an affordable location.  Price is important, but it is not the only thing to consider. It's all about location.  It's better to pay out a few hundred extra dollars a month for a location in a populated area, than it is to save a few hundred dollars to open your shop in an area no one ever sees.  Before you decide on a location to open a baby store, watch the traffic in that area and see how often people travel by the store.  If it appears to have a steady stream of traffic, and is offered at a price you can afford, it may be the right place for you.

Consult with your city and state officials to see what is required to open a baby store.  Each state and city has specific regulations regarding permits, taxes, and so on, so you will need to know what is needed in your area to know how to open a baby store in your town.

Decide on what stock you want to sell when you open your baby store.  Will you sell baby clothing only, or will you also offer baby toys and small baby accessories?  Will it be a high end boutique, or will it be a budget-friendly shop?  You'll want to order your merchandise accordingly.

Advertising is expensive, but unfortunately it is necessary if you wish to be successful.  Consider a few alternative advertising methods instead of traditional yellow page advertising.  Visit your local sign maker and have several vinyl banners made.  The price is reasonable, and the signs can be reused many times over.  Hang the signs in your store windows, and ask other nearby businesses if they would be willing to display them in their windows.  Many people forget the importance of advertising when they open a baby store, but it will make a significant impact on your success.

Set up a website.  Even if you don't intend on selling merchandise online, everyone that opens a baby store should have a website that customers can access to see their inventory.


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