How To Open a BBQ Restaurant

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Opening a restaurant is a good business venture, and if you want a restaurant that will appeal instantly to people, then a BBQ restaurant is the best choice. You may already have a family secret recipe for a BBQ marinade and a BBQ sauce, and it is time for you to use these and make profit out of it. But aside from a very delicious recipe, you will need to consider a lot of stuff when setting up a BBQ restaurant. You may find the following tips useful:

  1. Do your own market research. First you need to find out if there are BBQ restaurants operating in the area where you are planning to put up your own BBQ restaurant. If there are BBQ restaurants operating, you might need to put up your own restaurant in another area, or you can offer a menu different from what the existing BBQ restaurants offer. If they are offering pork barbeques, you can offer grilled chicken and fish, depending on whether these are available in your local market. Then after learning about your competition and where to do business, you may consider talking to BBQ restaurant owners who are outside your state and are not direct competitors. Talk to them about the BBQ business and learn from their experience. That is why you need to talk to those who are not your competitors because the BBQ restaurant owner down the street will not disclose anything that will help you grow your business.
  2. Find out the amount of investment needed. List down all that you need in putting up your BBQ restaurant: cooking equipment, tables and chairs, refrigerator and freezers, cash register, payroll and inventory hardware and software, and cash working capital. You also need to consider the fees for getting licenses and permits that are required by the government in putting up a restaurant.
  3. Find out the government requirements for putting up a BBQ restaurant. You will need a business license and have your restaurant registered. It depends on whether you will register it as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. Then you are also required to comply with health department requirements on cleanliness.
  4. Find a good location. The best location is a residential area but your restaurant should be also close to schools and business establishments, especially small offices and stores. Your barbeque restaurant might not be a good sight in corporate business areas, but if you can get a spot at an affordable lease, and the health and city departments allow you to run a barbeque restaurant, then it will be a good location. Just make sure you have the appropriate equipment to prevent the barbeque smoke from spreading.
  5. Put your menu together. You may have the best location and equipment, but what will keep you in business is your menu. Make sure your menu is not limited to only one customer category, but also avoid having too many choices that it becomes too expensive for you to maintain. Since BBQ is your main dish, then the usual side dishes would be potatoes, vegetable salad and beans. Decide on whether you will sell beer and other alcoholic drinks.
  6. Plan on how to launch your BBQ restaurant. Launch your business by inviting friends and family over, and by giving out flyers and advertising through local radio stations.


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