How To Open a Daycare Center in Texas

A daycare center is serious business and the people running the daycare have a high degree of responsibility. In Texas, before you can open a daycare center, there are a number of requirements you need to pass and steps to go through.

  • Attend pre-application training. You need to attend the pre-application training given by the DFPS or Texas Department of Families and Protective Services before you decide to scout for a location. The DFPS will walk you through the process.
  • Determine the eligibility requirements. Anyone wanting to open a daycare center in Texas must be over 18 years of age with a high school diploma or its equivalent. Passing the DFPS background check is also a requirement. Inquire what other requirements must be fulfilled.
  • Review your finances. Determine if you have the financial resources to open and run a daycare center. It would be best to come up with a feasibility or business plan before anything else. Remember that usually before new businesses earn money, they lose money first in the startup months. You should have enough money to cover for these times.
  • Decide on a location. You can either lease or buy a property suitable for a day care center depending on your finances. The location must meet all the zoning standards and must be up to code. If you have the money, secure the location immediately.
  • Furnish the daycare center. Buy the necessary furniture, equipment and other materials you will need for the day care center. You can hire a decorator who can turn a simple building into a sweet haven for kids. As you furnish your daycare center, keep the children’s safety and security in mind.
  • Complete the necessary forms. You need to complete the forms listed below which are available for download in this website: DFPS. Or you can get hard copies from the local DFPS branch.
        • Form 2968 Listing Request
        • Form 2971 Request for Criminal History and Central Registry Check
        • Form 2988 Child Care Fee Schedule

  • Request for a pre-application appointment. Schedule a meeting with the local DFPS branch. The DFPS representative will provide you with a packet containing documents informing you of the minimum standards that the state of Texas requires for all daycare centers. You will also get a copy of the child care licensing laws. There will be forms as well as materials in the packet that you need to accomplish and return to the DFPS.
  • Accomplish and submit the necessary forms and materials. You need to return the following completed paperwork you received from DFPS:
        • Form 2910 Child Care Application
        • Floor plan of the location for the daycare: building and surrounding area
        • Proof of liability insurance – this should be at least $300,000 for every occurrence of negligence
        • Background check
        • Form 2982 Personal History
        • Form 2948 Plan of Operation
        • Form 2988 Child Care Fee Schedule

  • Schedule an inspection. Once all the forms have been approved, agree on a date when a DFPS representative can inspect the daycare center. The DFPS representative will do a very thorough inspection of the whole facility; inside and outside. Once the DFPS representative is satisfied, you can now operate your daycare center.

Most households have both parents working. Establishing a daycare center in Texas is a good business opportunity. You need to pass certain requirements and must have the financial capability to set up and run this type of business. But opening a daycare center is not only about the money. It is about wanting to take care of children the right way and the safe way.


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