How To Open a Drop Ship EBay Business

Selling and buying at EBay is one of the most active business activities on the internet. The reason for this could be that many people have more things that need to go or to be sold, while there are also others who are interested to find items to buy at a good bargain. More individuals with business acumen are setting up their own drop ship eBay businesses. You may also want to venture in this business.

Read the following tips to serve as your guide:

  1. Get ready with your seed capital. You do not need a huge amount to start with this business. However you have to be ready with flowing cash to be able to conduct your business on a daily basis.
  2. Apply for a business name for your drop ship eBay business. Although it is not a huge business, you need to operate your drop ship eBay business through legal way. No business is too small as to evade the law. Besides, if your business is legitimate, you do not have to worry about being fined or penalized if you get apprehended. File your application for business permit at the County Clerks office. You also need to register at your state’s Department of Treasury or Division of Revenue. You may register online (on the agency’s website) or through mail.
  3. Come up with a unique name for your drop ship eBay business. Think of a name that may not be taken or used yet by another registered drop ship eBay business owner. For suggestion, try to combine syllables of first names in your family to make sure there is no duplication.
  4. Know the requirements in securing a business permit. These include: social security number, address of the County Clerks office in your area, the web address of the Division Revenue office in the state where you live, a checking account, a PayPal account or credit card, an eBay account or an account with the World Wide Brands.
  5. Decide if you want your tax registration number to serve as your SNN too. If you prefer otherwise, have your SNN changed to your EIN. Just inform your Division Revenue about your preference and they will process the change in two weeks.
  6. Get a checking account from a local bank. Indicate in your application that you are going to use the account for a small business. You may be required to submit your tax registration number before your account application is approved. You also need to submit copies of your business registration documents and identification cards.
  7. Register with PayPal to get an account. Submit a valid email address where your account will be linked. Once you get a PayPal account, you will start receiving updates about your account in your email address.
  8. Go to to open an eBay account. Open a store by listing the items you have on sale. Make it a small store only so you do not have to pay huge registration fee.
  9. Get a World Wide Brands account. This website provides good list of drop shippers. Once you avail of lifetime subscription, you will need to pay a one time fee only when doing business with this site.
  10. Publish your list of items and start conducting your drop ship eBay business.

To make sure your customers are getting their money’s worth, keep monitoring your drop shipper. Should some problems arise, come up with the solution immediately so your customers will continually patronize your business. 


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