How To Open a Furniture Making Business

Furniture making business is on the go. It has become one lucrative business simply because people are always looking for new designs of furniture to fit their lifestyle, dwelling space and personal taste. Furniture making is no longer how it used to be in the earlier times when it takes a long time just to finish one couch. Nowadays, with the help of modern tools, even someone with no experience in furniture making can easily learn this skill.

If you are positive about your plan to open a furniture making business, read the following tips:

  1. Learn the craft on furniture making. You cannot open a furniture making business unless you know how to make one yourself. While it is true you can always hire people, it is better that you know this craft if you really are serious in venturing on this business. If you leave everything to your workers, you will be on the losing end because you will be at a loss as to how to supervise their work. If you are not knowledgeable in furniture making, you may take lessons in craft schools.
  2. Go to the proper government agency in your area and register your business name. Secure a business license and comply with legal requisites in accordance with your local laws.
  3. Determine what type of furniture you will be manufacturing. This will guide you on what kind of equipment and tools to purchase. Think of your target market also. Are you looking at local markets only, or do you plan to supply to other places?
  4. Purchase the materials and equipment for your furniture making business. You may opt to buy second hand or used equipment as long as they are in good condition. Search on the internet for sources of these materials you need. Visit for reference. The basic tools you need, of course are cutting tools such as saw, knife and electric wood cutter. You will also need an industrial sewing machine for upholstery. Measuring rods, pencil markers, glue, nails, staple wires and paint or varnish are materials that you will also have to buy.
  5. Get oriented with the furniture business. Attend expo shows, trade shows and other promotional activities involving furniture. Go around malls and furniture shop and study the various designs and the techniques of execution. Be updated too, on the latest trends of furniture as well as acquaint yourself with traditional furniture models.
  6. Open your business to people by creating a website. Reach out to customers by writing a creative information page about your business. Include sample photos of your furniture.
  7. Hire skillful carpenters or furniture makers. Of course you cannot do the work all by yourself though you have experience in furniture making. Once the orders start coming, you can use extra hands to meet the demand.
  8. Pick the location for your business. Furniture making can make a messy sight. Make sure you separate the manufacturing shop from the receiving office of your business. Create a front office where you can entertain customers. Furnish your office with samples of your work. Hang photos of furniture that you have manufactured and sold. Keep an album or portfolio of your sample designs for customers to browse on.
  9. Always be on watch by keeping track of your finances. Create a financial record with the help of office and accounting software. Do not wait for things to pile up. Work on your accounts and update your record as soon as you have closed a business deal.

You can expand your furniture making business over the years if you do well in your trade. The secret of success in this venture is to provide your customers with quality products. Soon the word about your efficient service will spread and more purchase orders will come in.


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