How To Open a Home Health Care Survey Agency Business

There are many home health care establishments in every state. The demand for these organizations has been on the rise since the population of elderly people has also been rising. It is easy for a family to just entrust an elderly member to one of the health care homes in their area, but sometimes there are apprehensions on their part about the reliability of these care homes. Hence the services of home health care survey agencies are necessary in most cases.

Some of the services provided by home health care survey agencies are: to conduct an audit on home health care establishments to see if they have continuous delivery of services, to find out if the employees are well trained and to discover if state and federal laws are followed and enforced in their business operations. The following are tips on how to open a home health care survey agency business:

  1. Compose a business plan for your home health care survey agency business. For your guidance, take note that you will need these requirements: application for permit to conduct survey and audit work, handbook of policies, continuing training for employees of up to 40 hours annually, organizational plan, yearly budget estimate, assessment system or database (instruments and methods included), understanding and compliance with state and federal laws involving the industry in home health care.
  2. Make your own manual. This manual should contain your statement of mission, policies, procedures and methods of conducting surveys, staff, compensations and disciplinary measures for employees.
  3. Orient and train yourself and your staff on how to take surveys of the conditions of the home health care organizations in your area. This way, you are already equipping yourself with general knowledge and condition of these cares homes. Hence conducting actual surveys on behalf of your clients will be much easier later on.
  4. Make an assessment of the home health care business in your area. Find out the quality of services in terms of the efficiency of the health care providers, violations of the establishment if any and the alertness in giving response to the needs of the care patients. 
  5. Make sure you know how to record and interpret on graphs the findings in your surveys. You should also be ready to cooperate with regulatory agencies and local and state law enforcement units.
  6. Employ service providers. The people you hire should undergo enough training in conducting surveys of home health care establishments. It will help if your workforce is composed of people who have experience in providing health care.
  7. Identify your financial foundation. If you have no savings to start this business, you may seek grants or loans. You may hold fund raising campaigns to finance your operational costs. For you to have access on fundraising projects, include in your board of trustees names of people who are active members of civic organizations in your community.

In opening a home health care survey agency business, you must be committed in providing honest results to your clients. Never be tempted in acceding with indecent intentions such as changing or adjusting your own survey results in favor of certain home health care establishments. Remember that you are dealing with the life and security of people in this business, hence you need to truly build a reputable conduct of your home health care survey agency.


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