How To Open a Horseback Riding Academy

Learning how to ride a horse is something that needs extra care and concern. It involves some risks as the person riding on the back of a horse may not be able to handle the animal properly and he might fall and sustain injuries that can endanger his life. This is the reason why many people who want to learn how to ride a horse enroll in a horseback riding academy. Horseback riding, of late, has become quite popular. Hence you will never go wrong if you want to open a horseback riding academy. Read the following suggestions to help you get started with this business:

  1. Be sure you know very well the rudiments of horseback riding. Much like when you are going to teach driving, you must have driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
  2. Find a location for your horseback riding academy. It must be wide enough to contain the horses, stables and provide enough tracks where you will conduct horseback riding lessons. You need more or less 10 acres of vacant land though you can go more. It is not advisable for you to just rent stables and then give lessons in parks and nearby areas because it is risky.
  3. Get the required licenses from the local government agency in charge. The property on which you will set up your horseback riding academy will be subjected to inspection before your permit is released. Therefore get ready with the land as well as fixtures like stables, rest rooms and safety equipment.
  4. Know the existing laws and ordinances in the area where you plan to open a horseback riding academy. Every county may have different set of codes and laws regarding this kind of business. You should base your building standards and the manner by which you will manage your business on these laws. As the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”, you cannot ask to be exempted from local codes just because you do not know them. You are expected to know, more so because you are going to operate a business in the said place.
  5. Employ an experienced worker to construct the structures for your horseback riding academy. Get someone who has knowledge in this job. Make sure too that everything has a plan sketch – from the stables, barns to the riding arena. Have the plan printed for reference as you go about in building your riding academy.
  6. Purchase the tools and equipment for your horseback riding school. Invest on good quality saddles, various stirrups for use of students of any age, halters, bridles and other riding paraphernalia.
  7. Get a comprehensive insurance for your riding school. This is for your own and your students’ protection should any untoward incident happen.
  8. Advertise you riding school. You may place posters in polo clubs, riding arenas and other strategic places.
  9. Let your students sign liability wavers declaring they are in good health condition and that you are not answerable to incidents beyond your control.
  10. Set your school rules and regulations. Include disclaimers in these regulations to protect you from any liability should a student who does not heed the rules encounter an accident.

You will need a lot of money in order to set up a horseback riding academy. The purchase or rental of the land alone already requires much cash. But if you have the seed capital and you are all for operating this kind of business, go for it. After all the earnings you will gain from the tuition fees will cover for the costs as well as provide you with very good profits.


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