How To Open a Janitorial Business

Another lucrative venture that you may want to engage in is a janitorial business. Most owners of business establishments have no time to clean their offices so they prefer to hire janitorial agencies to take care of their cleaning needs. But lucrative as it may be, a janitorial business can demand much of your time. It also requires a lot of obligations as you are dealing with a business based on trust with your customers because there are occasions when you have to handle their valuable equipment and at times their personal belongings. Here are some tips to guide you if you want to open a janitorial business:

  1. Start small. Set your goals high but start from the bottom. You cannot have as many customers as you want in the beginning because you have to create a name first in this business and earn trust from prospective clients. You may begin by servicing at least five offices. If you give good service, your business will grow in no time. Remember not to be greedy. Starting with more than five accounts might be a disaster especially if you have no experience in this field.
  2. Draw a business plan for your janitorial business. List down the requirements such as business permits, office set up, cleaning materials, people to be hired, place where you will conduct business and potential customers. 
  3. Write proposal letters to customers. Let them know about your business. Include a profile for more information. Indicate names of your other customers if you already have some, for reference purposes.
  4. Request an audience with customers. Ask them to set a time for you to discuss your proposals. If you are granted your request, come to the meeting ready and prepared. Bring a list of your cleaning materials. Discuss to them the manner by which your cleaning services will be conducted in their offices. Talk with them too about your service package and ask them if they want to include other services.
  5. Hire efficient people. Lazy helpers are not acceptable in this field so be careful before employing applicants. Interview them well. Know their experiences. Give them aptitude test commensurate to their educational attainment. Make them undergo psychological tests to evaluate their attitude. Have them secure FBI clearances and other pertinent documents to prove their identity and character.
  6. Buy the cleaning materials you need. Since you are just beginning with your trade, try to find good bargains. It does not necessarily mean that if some products are cheap, they have inferior quality. Read labels to know their components so you have an idea if they are good to use. You may buy from retail stores but in time, as your business grows, you can contact a direct supplier that will supply your cleaning supplies on regular schedule.
  7. Secure business insurance for your janitorial business. Comprehensive plans are advisable since you will be employing people and subcontractors.
  8. Set up an office. At first, you may set up your office in your home. But as you expand, try to look for a separate place where you can hold office. Set your records straight from the very start. Have a ledger for each customer. It is good to be organized in any kind of business.
  9. Advertise your business by giving away flyers or running a print ad on newspapers. Print your own calling cards too. When you deploy your employees, let them bring flyers and calling cards to give away to potential customers.

Because the success of a janitorial business depends on the quality of work rendered, you need to regularly check your employees’ performance. Encourage your customers to give a periodic evaluation of your services so you know how to improve your business and how to further please your customers.


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